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Day 77: Dear World: Fuck Off.

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Day 16: The Grass Is Greener On Your Side.

Day 15: A Thousand Desires Each.

Day 14: Wedding Bells.

Day 13: My Legs Are More Than Nice.

Day 12: Today Is Happy.

Day 11: Share a word.

Day 10: A lot like me.

Day 9: Sometimes I Fall Apart.

Day 8: Blissful Ignorance.

Day 7: You Are Me

Day 6: Some Words To Say

Day 5: Remind Yourself- You're beautiful.

Day 4: I am a canvas.

Day 3: Why did we meet, where we met?

Day 2: I wrote a song for you.

Day 1 : No insecurity

Just Listen.

All the things she never said.

Let It Be.

Get hurt. Get inspired.

i was here.

we are close, we will make it.