Ain't no sunshine.

My mind is always running so I'm forever chasing my thoughts. I love that part where you're all sweet, strange and un-explainable yet aren't scared to share any of it. You have to move. Be it fall or fly. One must fly to earn wings. Without darkness, there is no significance of light. Without light, shadows can't dance. It's not the push we remember. It's the gentle nudge. I might be the fire that burns intensely, but you are the spark that ignites me. I won't say you make me complete or make me whole, but you definitely tend to fill up my voids. Paper cannot hold what words feel. Words cannot express what feelings need to say. When the night holds more than a promise, the moon holds more than its light. There ain't no sunshine darling, when you're out of my sight.

P.S. iwanttokissyoufromdawntosunsetandallthenight.

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