Get hurt. Get inspired.

Be sad, be heart broken, be in pain. 

What is she saying? She must be out of her mind.

If you love someone let them go; agony is best for inspiration. You know what light is because you've been in the dark. Remember that state of happiness you feel when you have a bar of chocolate? It’s because you have tasted the glumness in a spoon full of medicine when you fell sick. We always contemplate that being happy is a state of existence which we need to procure. That is because we have been conditioned that way, while we were growing up. A hundred authors, including a handful of who inspire me, keep on telling us to be happy, to be content. 

“Objection, My Lord.” 

“How are you supposed to be content and happy when you constantly want to acquire something?" (Yeah, Yeah, I'm talking of happiness)

Believe me when I say, I am a person who has constantly been running all my life; sometimes I do not know after what. I've been searching happiness, searching for my soul mate, searching for the light, looking for hopes. I've never been content, and stopping was never a resort for me. 

Until one moment, and I realized I was missing out on something, I was missing out on life. You need to be more open to everything. Be vulnerable. You’ll get hurt, but then so what? Haven’t you already, no matter how much you restricted yourself? Admit it, we have these little insecurities. "What if the person I love likes someone more than me?" Holding on to people just because you love them is stupid. If it isn't working let it go, you deserve to smile, you're wonderful. The only person you need to hold on to, is yourself. Be fearless. The light is with you. 

Get hurt. Get inspired. 

Well maybe I'm crazy, but what are you? 

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