I want to sleep with you.

It is that time of my life, where i practically am supposed to think every man is a moron. He is an animal who just wants to fuck the hell out of your soul, and not take a sigh. Its very normal to run after assholes who tend to act all tough and hard. That, precisely keeps a girl like me interested in him. Light another cigarette and say, "This time you're gonna give up that hard to get attitude. This time you will have to show you desire me too." Well, you are young, wild and your hormones are on the go. Love. This is such an overrated word. Although, it kind of has been a significant part of my upbringing. No I haven't been loved too much, as a matter of fact just the opposite. Everyone just expects a lot out of me. No one has ever loved me unconditionally. I have had my phases of not taking relationships seriously. I thought they never last. I knew they don't. They never did. Whenever things were supposed to be fine, i fucked it all up. I wanted to be free, unchained and irresponsible. There is this thing with men. They show they are all yours, and they want you be too. The point is, they just show. This time I am trying hard not to get hurt anymore. We have too many options when we want to sleep around, feel loved for a while. Have good sex. Fuck and chuck, and not even say good bye before you leave. All I have to say is i don't feel any of it anymore. This is something more, something worthwhile. I want to cuddle the fuck out of you. And hence, I'm taking a chance. I'm falling even more in love with you.

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