i was here.

“Never to go on trips with anyone you do not love.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Every second of existence spent with you is inked in my memory. 
So what if I wasn't there with you then? What if I was with someone else? What if someone else replaced you in the memory? 

It would never be the same like now. 

I wouldn't be walking tipsy toed, hung-over with your presence, dressed the faint smell of cigarette and wine, your finger prints engraved on my wrists and violet- blue marks on my skin. I wouldn't feel so blissful, seeing pictures of you scattered all over my floor. I’d close my eyes and see another face in my blurry vision. I’d try to run away and reach a place filled with voices other than you. My thoughts and beliefs would be shaded and inconsistent again. I’d move all around in circles and shout out in every direction, “Come back. I don’t want anyone else.” I’d lose all hope of finding you. Now, if we take it back to the start right where I met you, there i was , so that you can find me. So that I can write this story about you.

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