Of live in relationships.

Let us start living together. Cuddle and squish while we fall sleep to reach the happy dreams. Wake up right next to each other; sunshine reflecting on the sleepy faces through the rain drop and dust tainted window panes. Make some scrambled eggs and two half- burnt toasts for breakfast. Dust the floor a little, spray a little perfume of garden- fresh happiness in the air. Paint the peeled off old walls of our large enough hall with colors of our dreams. Pulling you into the shower, let me kiss you with my cold wet lips. You take me by my hair, feeling my back. Ravage me with your bites and eager kneading hands. Comfortable and safe within your arms, wrapped up in sincerity of love and affection let me say your name one more time. Let us get lost in the woods, hand in hand and following feet. Take a thousand and one pictures and fill them in the book of our incomplete memories. When the night falls, watch a million of little stars together that light up our lives. Content and complete, let us fall asleep together for another day of bright sunlight.

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