Just Listen.

My heart has been hurt countless times, beating pieces which i carefully hid in a tainted glass jar underneath the shade of twilight, while the sun rises everyday for the rest of the world, for there is an imminent desire for it to be found again. I've been a wrist cutter, yes. (no, no wait a second i am in NO way suggesting you to even give it a thought) Slitting wrists, hurting myself gave me immense satisfaction. There was a phase when i was a loner, not by luck but by choice. The suicidal feelings didn't seem to go no matter how much i tried to push it away. (well, i don't think that i did try, but err)You get addicted to a certain kind of sadness and you start revolving your life around it.

"Hey! You are making them sad. Don't give negative vibes."

Just listen to me today, i promise there is a happy ending to it. No matter how much you try to knit sweaters of detachment to keep away from the cold to find an impassive you within, there seems to be no escape when it is love who ends up finding you; even if the doors are sealed shut-it will continue to knock anyway, to unlock the path you have closed. It will come as a gush of warm summer wind, in your nights filled with the chill of autumn cold and will rain on the unyielding  resentments which you've embraced on for too long. I know when you first came in my life, it was difficult for me to open up one more time, letting myself be vulnerable, realizing just how much I can give you— permitting you to shack up inside my aching heart. Whenever I was doubtful, you held on to me with all the strength, pleading me to realize what we have now is true. I believe you. Its too late to go back now, I don't want to waste a moment today thinking about tomorrow. You are filling up my heart every time we create new memories. There will be a day when nothing will haunt me anymore.

We all get chances, that chance took me more than you think..
Don't close the door behind you. Someday someone will walk into your life, and all the hurt will make sense to you. Hold on to that feeling.


  1. I am in love with your writing.!
    There's not a single line that I did not understand. One can relate to your words so well that it actually helps the person feel better.


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