Day 1 : No insecurity

If you think things are always happening to you, then they are, like one day you happened to me. I began to see myself as wonderful and worthy of the love, I wanted and deserved. Love happens when you're not looking.

I remember when I was seventeen and in despair, I asked myself, "Why were you born?"
One day I went back to that little dreamer and hopeless romantic of seventeen and told her the reason; “To Love and be loved.”

I need to tell you that I have no ink, no paper but I write these hundred notes of you every day in my mind. One day I sat back down reopened the book and found the letters saying that if love was about possession then surely it was based on insecurity. With all the miles between us, and all the people around, there is a chance you or I might slip. And there are times I can't make my words reach out to you. Sometimes, you're just too far away. 

The thought of your heart beating right next to me and your love so intense and unconditional leaves me with absolutely no insecurity.

Love is helping the other to be free.

I Love you, Be free.


  1. awesomeness...i can relate cz evn i m in a long distance relation.. n i swear eve word u sd was kinda, "hey dats ma mind talkin!"

    1. Glad you connect. I know right, happens when we relate with what we read.

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