Day 12: Today Is Happy.

Its totally two months to my birthday, and I'm making my plans already. The color of 'the dress', things I'm going to do, making my birthday wish list. Gosh, i don't know if its true for every girl out there, but am shupeerdupeertrooper excited. "Okay, phew don't scare them." Calm the fuck down. Today  he has been happy flirting with me the whole day, I feel so loved and beautiful, more than before. Its great to be loved and to be in love. *touch wood*

Lose yourself to Love. Trust Me. Trust Yourself.

I made myself happy today again. Well, you can do that too. Go buy yourself some chocolate. Yes, like right when you wake up. This is so random and crazy, but hey I am just happy.

P.S. I'm making a mini aqua. Will keep you little monsters updated.


*eats chocolate like a boss* (DARK CHOCOLATE)


  1. hi Vidya, first of all congo on the things you are doing,small things which just may be you are happy doing,but let me tell you..there are ppl like me for whom they are things we kip looking for amidst the mindless rambles,stupid tags,violent pics in fb n elsewhre..its write-ups like these which stimulate me n must be doing many others.One more thing,i would like to share is that,you know voyeurism is a known negative trait all-right bt i as a person am glad to come across ppl like you in fb..well,i almost know u in some sense,i know bout the serene feelings u share wid syd,i know bout ur awesome,love filled mushy pics :).I also know Malvika,like dat n her bf Avi.through you may be..i m afraid dis is going to put me in a list of set-out-on-smthng pshycho stalker,which i am not :P Just wanted to lket you know dat i m happy with ppl like u being dere..smwhere..i belong to a place in where both gals n guys have still some way to go to match up their psyches to things which are original to human nature n stop playin the fake game. So i am just happy reading your write-ups yes,i agree sometimes they lack coherency but dat lacking obviously doesn't count when you set to write something close to your heart.N yes,humans n human nature are so much alike everywhere that a chord is bound to b struck when you hum a close enof tune,yeah!! so,cheers to lif sweety n let me know if what ur feelings are on everything i wrote here :)) JEET

    1. Hey Jeet, thank you for all the appreciation and wonderful thoughts. I would be/ am MORE than glad if any of my write ups or ramblings or anything i do in any way inspires people. Well, i might agree than I'm doing better than before, but life is not always easy you see. You always have something to fight for, something that tests your capabilities and patience. And let me tell you something, I'm a very impatient person. I'm really happy that I've found someone who matches up to my psyche and accepts me in every way. He is the reason, I consider myself as a better human being today. You have no idea how much it makes my day when ever someone leaves me a happy note in my inbox or my fb pages or blog. Its so wonderful to know people who connect, to know that you're not the only crazy person out there. haha. And don't worry, i do not consider you as a psycho at all, I've seen better. :P And they both, i know then through Syd. I agree something i just write whatever, but hey i am not a writer, i just want to reach out to everyone who is somehow like me. :) Am glad you could connect. Thank you again, for such a wonderful message. Cheers to life!! Yes. :)

  2. hey vids,i jst saw ur msg sweety!! Thnx fr replying..well,we most of the time paint a mental image of a person we are yet to come across in real bt whom we knw thru sme sources n i had ds image of urs too n trust me,its almost da kid u jst described urself above. I knw u had to be someone whuz restless,impatient,sm1 on whom her past has taken some toll,smone for whom kiping her emotions under control must be hard enof a thng 2 i m happy dat u n thngs have changed for better. N i hope in ur list of some choosen gud frnds u include me n in the times 2 come lets share some more. kip loving n kip smiling darling. tkcr. I am with da name JEET PATTNAIK in fb,btw :)adhios!

    1. Heh, thank you Jeet! Totally accepted! :) Stay happy. Stay amazing.


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