Day 13: My Legs Are More Than Nice.

Well, when the rest of the world is talking of women empowerment I'm talking of legs. Yes, you got it right. Being a woman in a man's world is tough. You need to be worried if your legs are in great shape, that if your chocolates and cakes are doing good to them, you need to get waxed, get your toes manicured. So much pain for the walking pair. A bucket full of joy when you jump and play in the muddy puddles, a memory when you leave foot prints on the sand at the beach, a sense of freedom when you move to the music while you dance or just swaying them along sitting with your friends at the college walls. If you are a woman, it is all about your legs honey- you either spread them or you stand up strong for what you believe in and go stomping on everyone who comes your way.

Cheers! Happy Feet.


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