Day 18: My Space Boy.

We travel on the spiraling roads of the Milky Way and dip our hands in the cool black waters of the universe trying to catch the stars in our hands and blow them in each other’s faces while our childish laughter rings out in our hollow chambers. The first star of all this milky constellation, far lovelier than any nymph of wood in the furthest corner of the rain forest. My heart would never push you away. It would fold you deep in its craters where nothing can harm you and together we will rule the tides to kiss the shore it dearly loves until the shore learns to love it back and embrace it with its warm arms. My dim cooling light in the twilight will light your way until you find yourself following my footprints slipping into a hole of ecstasy. Oh, my Space Boy, what a wonderful journey in the space, since I've been free falling with you. Oh, my Space Boy, how I wish my Stellar Soul would never wake up from this celestial dream.


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