Day 2: I wrote a song for you.

and it's a love song.

if we met, when we were little
the world could be seen
so much better

we'd hold hands when it rained
make paper boats 
that'd float in muddy rivers

we'd make sand castles
at the beaches
and think of our future

we'd make snow angels
when we'd have no school
during Christmas at December

we'd sit side by side
at the class passing messages
on torn papers

we'd buy some candies
at the fair
sit on rides together

but we are, here today
walking different places
writing letters to each other

someday if you find, this poem
in a box 
below the drafter

know that i'm still here
i haven't gone too far
in your smiles, in your laughter.


  1. Thinking of you
    which in itself is a mirth
    Connects me in a way

    That it gets almost impossible
    to avert such moments
    Such lively times, i have had with you.

    The times of us
    remain worthy of all
    worthy of love we shared,
    and how we cared,
    unconditionally . . .



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