Day 21: Be A Vagabond.

I want to travel the world; take a ticket to a random place, and get lost somewhere. I don't desire a lavish life nor do I want to slip on designer dresses. I wish to be independent and free, buy a camera and stuff it along with a thousand rupees in a huge side sling bag, put on my slippers and set out as a wild restless soul, having no place to stay, day dreaming and following the same in the whim of the moment. I'd like to buy a second hand sedan, mold it into a convertible and color it blue. I want to climb the hills when the peaks are white and swim ad-mist the corals when the sun shines bright. I want to capture the falling snow and the oceans and seas. I'd clean the windscreens or serve at tables in a shady bar and save some coins for us in a jar. We could break it later and fill my car with gas and drive, just drive with no destination. I want to be a vagabond, with no inhibitions in mind.


  1. Hi. Stumbled upon your blog randomly. This is such a lovely post. The kind of life, we all desire; the kind of life, not many are blessed with. But we always have a choice. We do.

    1. Hey, thank you for the message. Yes, we all are vagabonds somewhere, some settle down for security, i guess i'll always desire for this life.

  2. I...sooo badly want that kind of life....thanks girly...

    Mad amounts of pyaar to ur blogs...


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