Day 25: How We Started Dating.

We started off as 'not like every other couple' when we started going out together seven months before. We had never seen each, nor talked to each other or known each other other in person. There is not pretty much I'd like to discuss about our lives in public but, there is something I WANT to share. We have had crushes before, well many of them. The only way to find out if it was more than that was to go with the stream of emotions and series of circumstances life was leading us into. The emotions intensified and we grew fonder. The common things that we shared, be it a fragrance or an artist, made each other intriguing. Slowly and steadily we reciprocated; got to know how entirely contrasting our personas were. This didn't in anyway change the minds we had set for each other. They say when you find your soul-mate, you just click. We clicked. We hadn't shared our little secret with the best of our mates, like every-time we did before. Maybe, because we weren't sure. We wanted to know, we wanted to explore. Believe me, when I say 'in a moment everything changed'. Neither one of us knows, when the 'i-more-than-like-you' changed to 'i-love-you'. Not many could accept this change, they made me re-think, they made me question myself, if this was true, and if it was going to last. I knew we were exclusive. I do not know what love means to you; to me it means feeling good about the kind of person you are and being around that person who makes you feel better about the same. To me love is platonic and unconditional, more than romantic. So, I love you, you and even you there.

"I know him in a way, you will never do. You will never understand."

I have no idea what tomorrow holds, neither do you. So don't question someone. All, i know and need to know is now is good.
So, let us live it.



  1. Beautiful.

    It's good to know that what we read in books/watch in movies is true in real life too. :)

    1. thank you love, we all deserve to live a life full of love, for someone, and more for ourselves. :)

      have a fine day! x


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