Day 31: Letter To My Ex.

Dear almost lover,

This is the last letter I will ever write for you. The day has finally come when I can keep your memories in boxes in the attic, sweep thoughts of you under the carpet, and burn my black secrets to ashes. I wished for the existence of such an unbelievably surreal soul, that would sweep me off my feet, take me above the whites of the ninth cloud. I have realized I do not need a magical entity in my life because all it does is trap me in an illusion. I feel blinded by a sympathy and love isn't supposed to cloud our minds with fears and insecurities. You made me feel so unimportant, so objectified; I'm no less of a person I deserve to be treated like. I don't hate you, you are just insignificant. An unbelievably wonderfully beautiful reality has found me now and I believe we will be happy together. There are moments of sadness sometimes, but they are just the hollow flashbacks of your insincerity. The important thing is: we will live. Together. We'll need our rest, as tomorrow ushers a halo of happy moments that would sweep us off our feet all-together.

So goodbye, so long. I wish you luck in your solitary existence.

-Your could have been luck.

Screw everything 
and everyone else. 
I will fucking write.

P.S. This is an extract from chapter five of our book 23 Memories. Still writing.


  1. Initially I read this on your FB profile, posted by one of your friends. And that is how it got me here, to this site!
    To be honest, I have never come across anything so beautifully written. Simply touched my heart.
    Now that I know it's an extract from your book called 23 Memories, I am looking forward to buy one as soon as it is published!
    Keep writing. You inspire me.
    All the best =)

    1. Hey Aishwarya, thank you for such a wonderful message. <3

      I am glad my words could move you so much. Thank you, I'd love that!
      I shall keep writing. :)


  2. hey..
    i have seen you're work a lot on fb..i write myself but after reading everything you write i just wish i could create this kind of magic too..simply superb!!
    refreshing talent really!! <3
    even i'm waiting for your book! ;)
    keep it going!
    gudluck!! :)

    1. hell devyani,
      thank you for the wonderful message. :)
      am glad, my work keeps you involved. Sure i will keep writing. <3
      keep shining and writing.
      thank you again. xx

  3. just read it and its lovely ..shared on my page :)

    1. thank you Gunjan, Will check your blog out sometime. xx
      Much love.


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