Day 4: I am a canvas.

I am just a blank canvas for you to write on. I never been here, or even close to wherever this is we are right now, lost in a stream of raw emotions that wrap around our skin with a sickly sweet scent of a morning kiss whenever I wake up right next to you with your arms that cover me and protect me from the cold outside the window pane by the warmth that your skin brings to mine, with a sense of belonging that I didn't find with anyone else as of now before I met you.

So paint my world of miseries and sorrows with the colors of this irresistible love affair such that there is no place left for anyone else to fill in with any other shade other than this.

with our entwined destinies I saw how restless you were today, there was something you were hiding, an old wound probably opened when the past came rushing down? Or maybe just a mood swing?; the corner of your eyes shimmered as the sunlight fell on your face, I love it when you try to be strong in front of me, When all I am there for is for you to fall back on, You can put on that smile, make fun of yourself to raise a laugh, Put on more makeup to hide the tracks those tears left on your face, But I’ll always be able to read, More than what meets.

but feel the unusual there will always be that shine I would trace that nobody else would. You know why? Because many might have kissed your appearance, none of all would have come through that far as I did. I utterly felt your soul from the bottom. And I accepted it as it is. With no modifications to set within. It was love yet mesmerizing. Even if we track two different paths in life, we ll have that notion of comprehending each other, because back in life, we have had those moments worth a dime. Infact worth more than what you could name

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