Day 5: Remind Yourself- You're beautiful.

I get this a lot from people around me. I feel more than glad when people consider me worthy and look up to me as someone who they can share their deepest thoughts with. Sometimes the hardest decision is to decide whether to give up or to fight harder. We all need to feel wanted, loved, adored. If you feel that your love is slipping away, do everything in your power to convince them to stay. Always fight with everything you have to get what you want Just use tact, respect, compassion and kindness NOTHING is out of reach. But then sometimes, all the efforts you put into it, might go in vain. Don't worry it's jut their loss and your gain. You will become stronger, you will learn a lot and find someone new again. Love never leaves people like us. Always remember, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you're beautiful.


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