Day 9: Sometimes I Fall Apart.

Have you ever had this feeling when everything seems so perfect in your life on the outside, but you are not happy within.You feel as if everything in your life is finally getting better, but then suddenly at one clock second everything starts falling apart.What do you do then? Run away. Who do you run to? Your almost lover? But for how long?
When you know that someone loves you without knowing why or beyond any doubts or pride. You should be happy right? What is still occupying the mind? What's still driving you insane? What if it's something else. What if things aren't working how you should? Life doesn't just revolve around love, there is so much more to it. And I see, these people who should be content, who should be happy running after a love in life. And what about me, when I have that one thing that everyone else needs, but something else in my life is not okay, not alright. Sometimes I just want to runaway. From everything, beyond anyone's reach. Will they ever try to find me? Will they still keep fighting? Will things change?

Maybe if I died.



  1. This couldn't be expressed in a better way! I try to write too.. But how do you manage to write so beautifully almost every time you pen things down?
    What you've written here, is what I exactly feel almost always. I think this is perfect.
    You know what, you are adorable. You talk straight. And that is how your words reach my heart, straight away!
    Keep writing and inspiring! =)

    1. Hello there again, Aishwarya. :)
      Am very glad you could connect. We all have negatives. Some people just suppress it better than the rest. Sometimes it overflows and shows itself as a series of words and actions.

      Feels wonderful to know, i could touch your life and heart. Thank you so much, you're wonderful too. <3
      Stay blessed.

      Lots of love.


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