Day 32: 20 Things To Make Yourself Feel Better

  • Take a break from the internet. Log out from the social networking sites and go meet new people.

  • Visit a pet shop. These cute little animals are a sure shot in getting all the stress off your head.

  • Become a kid again. Jump on your bed and indulge in pillow fights.

  • Buy a bubble blower and blow big bubbles. You can make some on your own using soap or shampoo.

  • Go get yourself a spa. Nothing is more relaxing than a hair or body spa.

  • Write. Bleed on a typewriter, or scribble with a pencil. Just write.

  • Get a make over. Try a new shade of lipstick, or wear glasses for a change.

  • Make some graffiti on your study table or walls. Give yourself a vibrant new environment.

  • Play old school games like Super Mario, Road Rash, Dave etc.

  • Buy yourself flowers.

  • Go for a ride alone.

  • Start a new TV show, maybe a sit-com like Friends again.

  • Create a new playlist, something loud and techno to dance to.

  • Compliment someone who complements you every now and then. Making someone happy will make you feel better about yourself.

  • Click pictures with little kids, the more the merrier. You will be amazed to see how much they love to pose for the camera. You would definitely be happy watching so many smiling faces.

  • Wear something dressy and sexy. Admire your body.

  • Eat a big bar of chocolate. 

  • Get a haircut. Your head actually feels less heavy after it.

  • Buy yourself a happy meal.

  • Wear a totally different color than the ones you usually do. Go for greens, pinks and neons.


  1. That was a pretty neat list.Reading it brought a smile on my face :)

    1. Ani, must do them.

      Makes me super happy! :)

  2. :D Things I MUST do. SOON.

    1. and let me know if it helped. :) :)

    2. :D...made me feel much u always do :)

    3. You're welcome, am so glad it did. :) much love.

  3. awesome <3 loved ur list soon gonna try it :D


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