Day 47: Do What You LOVE What You Do.

Hello world,

Its been a while I posted something here. Office has kept me off the blog from a while. The only person I am still trying to understand and know more is me. Its really intriguing how soon your mind set changes. There are so many reasons which could trigger them, people, place or just time. For a while I thought I was sorted and that I knew what I wanted. Finally. But lately, I see the same me that I was two years down the memory lane. Confused, insecure and aimless. Maybe I wanted that for a change. From the last two days I've been thinking a lot. The change in place has changed my mindset to an extent, that I simply cannot turn away and walk it off.

My mind is confused between what I expect out of my work and how I work it out. Isn't this a decision we need to make almost at every step of life? I'm standing on a crossroad waiting for a magical sign to appear and tell me which way to lead. My mind is shifting every moment, in fact its only moving in a direction away from what I had set it to know and believe in. There is only thing I have realized lately, you gotta love things you do and do moreover do things you love if you want consistency. You have to find time for things you like to do. I'm going to do that. So, should you.



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