Day 48: Answer To Mr. Anonymous

On the first day at office, I made a statement in the Biz skill session, "I believe in giving chances, I just don't believe everyone deserves them." Today we had an anonymous QnA session where someone asked me of whether such a statement on the first day is a sign of hostility or unfriendly vibes. The question was too long for me to remember specifically. 

People who know me as a person know very well that I'm a compassionate and forgiving person. The upcoming sentences would be a series of Is and Mes. I'm learning how to avoid using them. What I meant by chances is specifically the ones we give to people when they wrong us intentionally or unintentionally. (it wasn't about first chances) I give them to everyone, yes everyone. You've got to communicate to reach out to anyone, that includes me. Take chances, I do not bite or scare people away. I am NOT hostile or out of reach. As a matter of fact I love to interact with people of different mindset and age groups. Faces are always intriguing.

Yes, I don't believe everyone deserves chances. Trusting people is your decision, proving you right or wrong is theirs. I've been a lot on the negative receiving side of these trust games, still I don't have trust issues like others. I've just learnt to draw a line, I have learnt where to stop. People only hurt you when you give them a chance to do so. If someone hurts you again and again, claiming that they love( again, please love is very general, its not romantic love specifically) you. Stop it, give up. You don't need to be strong and hold on. Better things and better people will find a way to you only if you let go of the good.

P.S. Dear stranger, I am sure you won't waste a hundred chances of your life with one such a person either.


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