Day 53: Letters You Don't Deserve.

There are a hundred messages and mails, unsent, in my drafts folder. They are the ones i write to you but I won't, ever send them to you. You do not deserve to read them. You do not belong anywhere in my memories. Remember all those days you thought I will never get over you? Well, you were wrong. You have been replaced, you have been erased. You never existed. I think about you, only when I realize how easy you've made my life by walking out of it. Just saying, they are no 'I still miss yous' in the drafts, its just "Oh I am so happy I decided to cut you off my flesh and throw you away. I am glad you aren't a part of my life anymore." I have to thank you for letting me know what I was worth. It definitely wasn't you. I am tough, but I am worth it. Someone knows that. I won't sing songs like Somebody I used to know. This is a big happy thank- you- note for you. Hope you have a wonderful life ahead.



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