Day 56: You Were A Part Of My Story.

People use me to write their stories and then they close the book as soon as the chapter is over. This time I'm going to use them in my little stories; make them a part of something that didn't last. In the end I'm going to be glad because I didn't put a punctuation at the end of it. There are days when I feel beautiful because that’s how he has made me feel and I often wish that I could see myself through his eyes to find out for myself if it's true, if I was more than the loveless, lifeless, inhumane soul that walked around bent over with the lint of the past weighing down the pockets of my worn out jeans with these daydreams that I gave away to yesterday because the little fancy stories we tell each other of tomorrow are worth so much more than anywhere my mind has taken me before, limitations that he broke down with his smiles and the way he believes I’m more than I was then and perhaps now I am exactly what he thinks I am because there is so much about me that I overlooked, so much that he made me realize, everything that I once forgot, that I was meant to shine. I see all that love people send to me on social networking sites these days, that one hate mail doesn't suffice enough to spoil my day. I have realized that when you are up to something you will always have followers along with haters, but that's alright. Eminem once said that if you have enemies, that means you stood up for something. You will find a way out of all the mess, all the hate and self destruction. I'm exactly where I deserve to be, and exactly what i need to be- happy. But, life wasn't the same before. A pebble needs to pass through rough waters to be polished, but for me it was high tides and waterfalls. Consider yourself lucky to have been a part of my life, someday.


  1. anyone who reads your blog should and will fall in love with you! :)

    1. awwwh, thankyou! :) <3

      Lots of love.


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