Day 62: You Are More Than You Show

In life we meet so many people, but very few touch your soul in a way no one else could. It is just a moment and they actually seem to have an everlasting impact on your mind and moreover your thoughts. You never seem to have ever liked someone in a way you like them. It isn't easy telling someone you love them, because people expect a lot more from you. People are afraid to show their true selves, they are afraid to open up themselves before others because they don't want to get hurt. The past buried deep in the pits filled with grass and autumn leaves is their reason of not accepting that today can be better. They cover their faces with masks of ignorance and pretend to be immovable. Don't hide your true self in the heaps of silence that surround you. Don't you dare think you are not good enough. Don't be afraid to be in love. Feel whatever you want to. Stop restricting your mind from flying away to fields of unknown happiness. Be crazy, take a chance. You just want them to know you as 'what' you show. I know you are more than this.

Something no one has ever told you, you are so much more than what you show.


  1. I am sure some people reading your blog do pretend to be 'immovable'.
    And I am also sure, after reading,
    they ARE moved.
    That is the power of your writing! =)
    Great write-up!
    Loved it so much <3

    P.S. I am one of them! ;)

  2. Aishwarya, my existence has achieved its true essence if it happens for real. I dare them to move.

    Thank you, for the wonderful message! :)
    Loads of Love.

    Keep Shining.

  3. one thing i would to you Vidya 'Di'! :p
    yea.I am 16. evrybody has idols of their own.
    Mine is you. YOU ROCK! \m/
    I am a mad fan of you and Syddharth. :)
    Seriously! This is awesum! <3
    just lyk you two!

  4. hey Anuja,
    Have a great, 'sweet sixteen'.
    I am so awed, you consider me as your idol.

    Thank you SO much girlie! Muaaah. <3

  5. okay! once again this writing has moved me...
    i don't know why i feel so vidya but i feel so connected with your work..i mean some of your writings,your statuses are exactly what i have in my incidence may be.. ;)
    i m a great fan of both you and syddarth!!
    loads of blessings for you two!!
    keep up the good work! :) <3

  6. Devyani, :)

    maybe, i am glad we connect. <3
    its good to know someone somewhere things exactly like you.

    Love to you!
    :) Shine always!

  7. I was randomly going through your profile and opened this link from somewhere. :P
    But hats off to your writing skills. The words,the way you them. Somehow they touched me so deeply. I wish to have writing skills like you. I dont know who you are but all I know is you have great writing skills and you must have gone through a lot. I personally started writing when I was deeply hurt and your writing somehow says similar things. Just wanted to say this. Looking forward to your coming write-ups. Keep writing. :) <3


    1. haha, i know the best of connections happen in the most random way possible. Am glad you could connect. :)

      Of course, as someone rightly said, "The most beautiful music comes from a broken heart."
      I shall keep writing. :)

      thank you for the wonderful message.


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