Day 78: He Writes, Let Me Have This.

I wake up in the morning right next to you, your face being the first thing I see. You’re asleep, with your eyes firmly shut, lost in peaceful dreams. For a minute I just look at you. I start from your sleep ruffled mane careless sweeping across your face. My attention shifts down to your forehead, your chubby cheeks, your ears. Your adorable ears. I reach out to you and remove the silky tresses away from your face.

I look down to your nose. Your cute little nose. The curve above your lip, down to your top lip. The birthmark just above it, where I kiss every time I possibly could. Your lower lip. Your chin. Your jawline. I love all of i. I want to remember everything. Let me be like this, I am absorbing you.

Just let me have this. Let me have this moment. Let me have you.

A thin streak of sunlight makes it way into the bedroom through the little spaces between the curtains. The sun is soft yellow and filtered by gray. I can hear a light breeze, a distant alarm clock, a ruffle as you try to snuggle into my chest, trying to fit into the space left between us. I can hear a few more sounds outside, birds chirping, people on the streets talking, the cycle bell of the morning newspaper boy, the sound of local vendors selling tea and food. The day has started, and the world has started to turn.

This is my favorite moment. I mean, I absolutely love when we’re awake together, obviously. I love when we take walks and go to parties. I love when you talk aimlessly about absolute anythings. I love when we go to movies and have food together, I love everything about being awake together. But this, right now, when we’re cuddled together, under the warm covers, me half-asleep and you unaware and unconscious  is the time I love most.

Who knows what will happen when you wake up? When you wake up, anything could happen. Or nothing could happen. I could lose you. Or we could fall more in love. But it’s a risk. It’s always a risk. I don't expect anything from you right now. The next moment could change what we have, forever. And now, in this little moment right here, before we wake up, before our day begins, it’s quiet. It’s simple. It’s nice.

Just let me have this.

Let me savor the dripping magic of your peaceful face. Let me listen to your heart beating right next to mine. Let me keep listening to your breathing. Let me feel your warmth oozing out from your milky skin. Let me have you. Let me have this.

This is all I think about waking up next to you. Let me have this.
Just let me have this.

P.S. I wanted to write something from a guy's perspective. I would have loved if someone wrote this for me.


  1. I was a fan until i read this, and I am disappointed. Are the rest of your works plagiarized too?

    1. Hello Isha.
      This was sent to me, by someone. It is a modified version of what he would say to me. Check the tags i have added and the link has already been given in my post, in the very last line. Click 'this'. I am a fan of thought catalog and would never claim someone else's work as my own, cause i don't like it when someone does that to mine.
      I am so glad you could reach out to me, and even cause you mentioned you are a fan.

      Much love,

    2. In that case, I apologize for the wrongful implication. Been following your blog for a while. Good job :)


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