Friday, December 28

Day 149: Stop Wishing You Better At Life.

Life. A period after it was sufficient enough to make you wonder what this post was going to be about. If you are expecting some philosophical gyaan, then my friend get set to be disappointed. This is no rant on Seven Steps To A Successful Life. You don't just sit there reading how to live your existence; you go out there, live it.

Firstly, tell me, how many times have you had a conversation with yourself? Yes, like a one-on-one conversation with the person in the mirror. I don't mean when you check out yourself, not because you are stunning, but because you want to examine every inch of that extra fat you've put on in the last few months. 

"Oh, I need to cut down the chocolate intake. But damn, they tempt me. She eats more than I do, but she is so skinny. I wish I had her body."

Have you ever looked at other couples' happy faces and wished your relationship wasn't as complicated at it is?

"I wish he loved me like that. Why don't my relationships work out! She must be so happy and grateful to be loved so immensely."

Wednesday, December 19

Day 140: 10 Reasons My Boyfriend Is Awesome.

  • He has the most amazing ideology on everything. I considered myself matured, until I found him. When we started getting to know each other, he almost killed me with his mindset. Our connections just got started there.

  • I know love, after I've known him. He made me believe in love, when I was completely lost, messed up and was searching for happiness in the wrong places.

  • He is one of the most amazing photographers I've ever known personally. Everything he clicks, become beautiful. Sometimes, I tell him that a lot of my pictures are so fucking amazing cause he has clicked them. He generously denies and says it is the other way around. You can check his work here. Also, The Green Hearts. (with A & S)

  • He makes me feel so secure just by being around. Let's just say, it is the way he gives me half a hug, (from one side) when I absolutely need it the most, which is precisely the same way he hugged me when we first met at Goa.

Day 139: Make Life Simpler.

You own everything that happens in your life. Go ahead, let the world know. Let them talk. If they wanted to be a part of your world, they should have been more considerate while talking. Ignore them. The only thing that makes it a part of your life is that you keep thinking about it. It applies to both, the good and the bad. You are what you believe you are. The more you let them affect you, the more you're giving them a chance to decide what kind of a life you should lead. Keep thinking that you are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to you. Isn't it wonderful to think that the best days of your life haven't yet happened to you ! We can either make ourselves amazing or we can make ourselves miserable. The amount of work done is the same. Love yourself enough to walk away from anything that doesn't help you grow, serves you or makes you happy.

Here is one of my favorite quotes by Lady Gaga, which inspires me a lot. “I used to walk down the street like I was a fucking star... I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be - and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth.” 

Sunday, December 2

Day 122: 10 Reasons Why You Should Date An Older Man.

  • He is never going to complain about your going out with your girl- friends, having sleepovers, or not texting him 24* 7, informing about your whereabouts and so on. He'd probably be busy with his own work and life.
  • You would get to have dinners at upscale multi-cuisine restaurants. He'd would have developed a good taste by now, thanks to his client meetings. That is perhaps of the best-est things to happen to you, especially if are a foodie like me.
  • You get to visit amazing places if he takes you out on a holiday. Expect Paris, Rome, New York and Vegas if he plays with dollars. No kidding girl, aren't you a travel enthusiast? 
  • You never have to wait for someone's call every night. You would always have plenty of options, if he is stuck in a meeting somewhere. Cmon, we all know what he'd be up to anyway.
  • He is never going to be intimidated by any man who hits on you. He'd be sure that he's the best you can do right now. A confident, elder man, isn't that super sexy?!
  • You get to go to elite parties and jazz clubs, drink wine and champagne for a change, well at-least till you get bored with it.
  • Your birthday presents will be nothing short of fabulous. Exotic perfumes, exquisite dresses, imported chocolates, iPad 3 + Birthday sex in Barcelona! Could it get any better!
  • Walking in front of your haters would never be as fruitful as this. Imagine all the girls in your school getting insecure and jealous. You feel like you've found your perfect match, someone who is worth you.
  • You can always take being young and immature as an excuse to be corrected. All that relation-shit and all the drama you put up with boys is over. Finally, this all of this makes sense, right?
  • Lastly, sex with him will ALWAYS be good. All that libido building up inside you can finally turn into healthy orgasms. Time to have some bed romping, sweat building and skin bleeding love making sessions.