Wednesday, December 19

Day 140: 10 Reasons My Boyfriend Is Awesome.

  • He has the most amazing ideology on everything. I considered myself matured, until I found him. When we started getting to know each other, he almost killed me with his mindset. Our connections just got started there.

  • I know love, after I've known him. He made me believe in love, when I was completely lost, messed up and was searching for happiness in the wrong places.

  • He is one of the most amazing photographers I've ever known personally. Everything he clicks, become beautiful. Sometimes, I tell him that a lot of my pictures are so fucking amazing cause he has clicked them. He generously denies and says it is the other way around. You can check his work here. Also, The Green Hearts. (with A & S)

  • He makes me feel so secure just by being around. Let's just say, it is the way he gives me half a hug, (from one side) when I absolutely need it the most, which is precisely the same way he hugged me when we first met at Goa.

  • OMFG, his hair. If, I haven't told you already, I love his long hair. The way they fall on his forehead and cover half of his right eye, while he looks at me like he knows I am crazy about him. Long hair, i miss you.

  • He's got a deep, uh well long, err tongue. You know for what. When he reads this, he will blush like a little girl with dimples on his skinny cheeks. Mojo.

  • He totally understands my cat language. I make these weird, funny noises when he is around and he responds to me like he understands every bit of it. With him, I'm never out of my comfort zone.

  • I love how he makes me feel like a grown up woman in charge and little girl at the same time. He clicks well with my multiple personalities.

  • Our names sound so good together, which is why the next gadget I decided to buy is One S, ever since he got himself One V.

  • He is MY boyfriend. Is there any other reason which would make him more awesome than this one !