Day 149: Stop Wishing You Better At Life.

Life. A period after it was sufficient enough to make you wonder what this post was going to be about. If you are expecting some philosophical gyaan, then my friend get set to be disappointed. This is no rant on Seven Steps To A Successful Life. You don't just sit there reading how to live your existence; you go out there, live it.

Firstly, tell me, how many times have you had a conversation with yourself? Yes, like a one-on-one conversation with the person in the mirror. I don't mean when you check out yourself, not because you are stunning, but because you want to examine every inch of that extra fat you've put on in the last few months. 

"Oh, I need to cut down the chocolate intake. But damn, they tempt me. She eats more than I do, but she is so skinny. I wish I had her body."

Have you ever looked at other couples' happy faces and wished your relationship wasn't as complicated at it is?

"I wish he loved me like that. Why don't my relationships work out! She must be so happy and grateful to be loved so immensely."
Because you don't sit down and sort it out, because you don't gather the strength to let go of something that isn't doing you good. It is not luck, it's love.

And tell me how many times have you looked at other's photographs and grumbled about the way your hair stays, or the way you look, or the clothes they have?

"Wow, her hair is gorgeous. I am sure she must get the all the guys going gaga over her."
"I wish I had shoes like that too."
"She's got the longest legs ever. He must totally choose her. I would never be good enough for him."
"I wish I had money to buy all the amazing dresses in the world. She is so lucky. She is so famous"

If you wish you had a better life, you define your goal and not some who lives in pretty houses and looks like they are on the other side where the grass is greener. STOP being insecure and fussy when you see someone's amazing wardrobe or when they show-off their favorite gadgets or flashy cars on the facebook profiles. They have an amazing life, alright, but so can you.

Stop procrastinating. Procrastination is just a Insecurity Development life Cycle, (yeah yeah like all the IT profile students know, SDLC). It is a cycle of youtubeing, facebook stalking, flipping through film magazines, browsing through online retail stores and ridiculous to do lists(which are never done). Someday you might be tired of trying to do better. You might just want to laze around doing nothing, which is absolutely fine. Don't let your desires come in the way of you being happy. When you're not content being what you are, you just exist. You must accept that you are flawed in may ways, that is how you are beautiful. You can never be perfect at life, but you can always try to be better at it.

If I was there mulling over longer legs and designer clothes, wishing I could gather my thoughts and write like my favorite people do, i wouldn't have been here writing this. Stop waiting for things to happen, go out and make them happen. If your want happiness find it here. It's a SALE.


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