Wednesday, December 18

Day 500: Days Of Summer

My life is not so much a journey; it's more like a road trip to Vegas. Starts with a book, a wild heart on a bus, reading it felt like making love to someone. I'm never expecting you. I looked for you in the open air, down side streets, the vodka filled bottles of night clubs and in convenience store parking lots. As the road grew, I found my hopes unraveled. Diminished. Clinging to every moment of unemotional contention that passes me by. Deriving from everyone who is willing to offer me.

"Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing."

Saturday, November 9

Day 461: Conversations With A Stranger

Stranger: Why do people not write to each other any more? Do they not have many things to say to each other? Are brief and frequent 140 characters or less enough? I don't know. I don't think so. Even if I don't have something specific to say, why should I not write to you at length? So handwritten letters have disappeared, and I miss them. Have emails disappeared too? Tell me it isn't so. Tell me people write, V, because I seem to be surrounded by instant messages. And I like my messages long and infrequent. I like to have expectations from paragraphs and then be let down, only to be taken somewhere else entirely. I want to return to knowing what it feels like to put someone else inside your head and have them whisper a story to your ears. I want to feel it tickle when people whisper. Don't you love that feeling? 

But then, why am I writing to you? Is this the equivalent of invading your personal space with things that may not directly concern you? Do you write to people, V? Do you write them letters and stories in ink, or do you scribe them in your head? Do you share your secrets with people? Tell me one, perhaps; and then go the rest of your life wondering if I kept your secret, or if there is now someone completely separate from anything to do with you who now knows your deepest, darkest secrets. Come to think of it, isn't that stranger me? What's your secret, V?

Sunday, October 20

Day 441: Forgetting & Remembering.

Slowly and steadily,
am losing
my yearning and passion
that once filled
the very atomic
form of me
the sunshine so delirious,
the world
so terribly beautiful
but sometimes
my vision
gets blurred
and my bones

Tuesday, October 8

Day 429: Could You Fall in Love With A Someone You Don't Know?

Can you fall in an unconditional love affair with someone you've never ever met?

You don't find your purpose in life. You choose it. You find someone passing you by every day, every minute, almost every moment of the day. You never stop; you never contemplate about their existence. There is always a search for something, something to fill up your voids; something that defines completeness. Then one moment you cross paths with someone. It takes a while to hit you. You stop living in your made up reality. You turn around looking for someone; you don't know who yet. This is where dreams & reality meet. The visions faded, however, start getting clearer. A sense at a time always keeps stimulations us to the other one. How do you find them when they aren't aware of our existence yet?

Sunday, September 22

Day 413: About A Woman: Of Issues & Love

Whatever doesn't kill me, makes me want to do it again. 
and again.
and again. 

I am constantly weighing & testing my own opinions, which typically only proves to strengthen them. I am a woman; hear me constantly fuck up and then try to justify it. I'm an interesting combination of overwhelming shyness and an intense desire to be known. Sometimes silence says everything and breaks my heart. It takes more than you to break someone like me. If I knew what was good for me, I would probably be so much farther in life. Allowing someone to love me, is more difficult than it should be. The truth is if you destroy my heart, there's nothing left to love you with. The hardest decisions I've made have been deciding that moment when protecting my heart meant closing it off to someone who still needed it. Sometimes there's just more dignity in keeping the details to yourself. A contented heart is a calm sea in the midst of storms. It takes a great deal to change my perspective of things. What I look for in a soul mate is not something wild to tame but something wild to run with. You can’t impress a woman with things she can go & get on her own.

Saturday, August 17

Day 378: Here's A Cup Of Care

I think it's safe to say that many people fear change and honesty even more than death. They want to live in the aura of parallelism, of secluded minds and rational humor. They lack the basic caliber of a human being, the inherent fundamental characteristic of the brain- Imagination. Their mind is a collection of worn-out tapes of chapters of English Literature and Sociology, where every word is an imprint of lectures taken by an old school teacher.

In a politically prude society like this your diction and your clothes determine your character. The freedom to choose your words now depend of somebody's bookish cognizance. You are born a misfit, if you feel chained when asked to try to fit in. You will be rated if you walk away from what is making it difficult for you to be any less than happy. You are always something or something else. When life tries to play truth or dare with me, I choose dare. Truth is unreal. Sanity is nothing to brag about, try fantasy for a change. My mind was just a million miles away. Wish I could have left it there.

Wednesday, August 14

Day 375: I'm in love with the cliché

I'm in love with the cliché. 

Woke up this morning, hungover to the whiskey I bathed in last night, dipped in the scent of musk which he wore to my bed after midnight. It was pretty incredibly strange how he had gotten a grip on my thoughts cause he's been running in my mind the whole day. The way white shirt fits on his perfectly cut body and the worn out blue jeans running down a pair of well built legs, every thing about him turned me on. The very sight of his drunk eyes made my soul melt. I took deep breaths every time flashbacks of us together stopped me from paying attention to what anyone around me was saying. He made me feel like I've been sipping jack and coke all day long, even when he wasn't around. I've been so drunk off his love since we last met, so high all the while hoping I'd get to see him again. I know I've left my scent lingering on his shirt & thoughts of me on his mind as well. 

Sunday, July 14

Day 345: 13 Things To Know About Break-ups.

  • Do not go cribbing about your relationship issues to every third person you meet. Nobody has time for that. You might gain sympathy but there is a high possibility you are vulnerable to be ridiculed or be a topic of discussion.

  • Do NOT listen to sad songs or break up songs no matter what they write in relationship forums. It would just make you feel miserable. Tested.

  • Do not trash your ex all over social networking sites, after all it was your choice to go out with them.

  • Do not try hating someone just to move on. I used to think that hating someone is the easiest way of forgetting them. Remember hating makes you think of them even more and aren't those negative signs of being at peace with yourself?

Tuesday, July 9

Day 340: Though she left a silence in the air, she left the door open.

"I hold her hand until she slips away. She’s lonely, and I'm asleep."

I walked to the edge of everything, looking for something to throw myself on, to throw myself into. Came online looking for sex & love, looking for affection like I was hunting for a killer in the dark, daring monsters within to dig their fangs in my flesh. I wanted ghosts to haunt me, longed for something possess me. Yet, I lay here alone with my thoughts in a room so quiet you would want to die. Unloved. Afraid of the world. Washed away in society’s momentum like smoke in the breeze. Pulled apart pieces by pieces until there’s nothing left. I came into here to find something meaningful. Instead I've wound up pulping myself into bits of fragments. No reason, no action.

Sunday, June 16

Day 317- I Paid A Price For The Waffle Cones

At age 16, freedom tasted like a vanilla ice cream cone— hand-scooped fluff, as white as lilies in a crisp waffle chalice, served right to my window in a freshly asphalted parking lot. Skin fresh like porcelain, eyes as deep as the pacific rim, breath smelled like freshly cut raspberries dipped in mayo and we agreed not to get married until, we're twenty-five. Please stop I can’t handle thinking about the future again, not today. Dear world, please stop caring. please. save yourselves, for I can’t stand to be the girl who waltzed in with the wind and crawled out with your heart. I'm now a cocktail of fire and gun powder, all ready to explode. My hair covered in caffeine mist of the heavy monsoon air and my hands all rugged with the load of your murderous melodies. Backbone erect like a newly designed light house, happy eyes turned smokey beneath all that make up, the lips that told stories chapped under the weight of words, glass slippers turned into pretty little stilettos, covering stretches of dirt below my feet. And if you’re in love, then you are 'the lucky', cause most of us are bitter over someone. Rainbows aside, my need has not diminished, but anything I say, you won't understand, so what is the point of writing?

Monday, June 10

Day 311: I Found My Heart In A Used-stuff Store.

I found this heart in a 'used stuff' store. It was still beating steady, but not used well. I'd like it if it were well-used. I found these dreams out in the street. They’d been abandoned, half-finished, like the dusty pages of an unfinished novel, thrown away in the basement, below the pile of old newspapers, by a writer who discovered a new purpose of life. I found these smiles hidden inside cookie jars, like a poor mother of two saves pennies for her little girl's birthday cake. I found these thoughts scattered around the house like drops of paint on the canvas by a painter who has lost his art in some place dark, dark enough not to be able to see any colour. I found these words in a broken musical box playing a familiar note with a missing key of the bitter-sweet symphony. I lost myself in all the beauty of misery, like a psychopath who smiles when the wrists are bleeding, the day you found me.

Sunday, June 9

Day 310: V 2.0 There's this, uh well some guy I know.

I’m not scared of him.
He’s scared of me.

He's scared that he once lost something so close, so dear that he's afraid he'll loose again.

He's scared that I'm charming, and if I'm around he'll never concentrate on his goals and so called decisions.

He’s scared that I’m too interesting, that I’ll distract him from all the other girls.

He's scared that we share something so strikingly similar that I might manipulate him into sharing something more.

Saturday, June 8

Day 310: Only if, fixing torn photographs was like connecting dots.

As I sit and watch the rain dripping from the window latch, flipping through the pages of my old diary, I find pieces of you every now and then like a giant jigsaw puzzle thrown around my house. I carefully take each one of them and try joining them in my mind to make out of it a torn picture of you. I wish the memory was a little more clear and not half replaced with fragments of words like, 'damn, you loser.' or 'fuck off whore.' I try not to smile while I look at the rugged and torn rail tickets from the time I came to see you home. There is a little note you wrote to me, I've saved it like a mother would save it's unborn baby. I scribble the thoughts in my mind, the half empty canvas with crayons pink and blue. I feel this strange pain in my tummy which is exactly opposite of what the butterflies made me feel. Here's what you do when you are hurt: You run away, faster and as far as possible from what's making it hard. I'm almost there, I found a picture from the past; oh wait, 'that isn't you.'

Friday, June 7

Day 309: Why Hello Gorgeous, Won't You tell Him Your Name?

Why hello there gorgeous! I hope you feel beautiful today. I hope when you woke up and looked into the mirror first, you saw a better you. I hope today is better than yesterday. I hope the sunshine isn't too harsh or the thoughts of him aren't clouding your day. I hope you don't listen to Katy Perry's 'Thinking of You' and sulk beneath your pillow. I hope you don't run away from people because you pretend that you hate them or because things aren't unanswered. I hope you are treating yourself better. I hope you know that you deserve nothing less than being happy and that your favourite fairytale is still true. I hope you don't sheath that pain underneath your fake smile cause there is nothing wrong in being true. I hope you smile back at the guy who smiles at you at the subway everyday; hoping, someday you'd smile back too. I hope you aren't afraid, afraid of failing in love any more. I hope you know that monsters that you need to fight are within you. I hope you know that life will never fail you, it will always show up exactly as you see it. I know, I know it's easier said than done. You see, maybe I'd never get over my last love too. I hope you know that there is someone out there who feels exactly the same as you do. That girl is me, that girl is you.

Wednesday, April 3

Day 244: Honey, We've Still Got Unfinished Business With Life

I hate to give away the ending but the secret to life is balance. The mind can only be seduced using silence. Those open scars and those unfinished memories haunt us in dark corners of our mind where our consciousness fails to reach. We all find comfort in the warm embrace of insanity. The separation between dreams and reality is a compromise between perfection and imperfection. And, I find myself running into the arms of imperfection time and time again.

Always, select your thoughts like you select your clothes. The amount of negativity and envy you portray is quite simply a projection of your own unhappiness. Life is all about letting go and holding on. The way our mind cultivates and intensifies our feelings in between these two phases, is an art. Art that has described feelings that cannot be justified by words. There is an endless list of possibilities if there was ever a book written about the art of living.

Monday, April 1

Day 242: My Lyrics Have No Music.

there is something strange,
something about the way
your fingers
touch my skin
your scent;
the one that draws
me close
to you
an open space
when I finally catch up
with your speeding steps
I don't know what I'm here for
cause it feels
more than words could describe

Monday, March 25

Day 235: Go Be A Part Of Her Story

You were overburdened with the baggage of your your own loneliness while you left that night waiting for the last bus that takes you home. Laying down restless at your new house, bored with the very sight of the half empty bed beside you, your pillows crushed with the weight of your miseries and your sheets unruffled with signs of no sex and your clothes that hang on the fence, left aside as if unworthy of any female fragrance.  Lust oozed out from your skin like sweat and love remained scarce as an endless famine.

You pull out a chair at the neighborhood bar, whiskey in one hand and cigarettes in the other. Ah, the cliche: the boy next door look; your blue jeans and white shirt. There she was, sitting perfectly curled up around the corner, sipping her friendly wine, with the same emptiness you left behind. You were instantly drawn to her reluctance and withdrawal  while she was there waiting for someone who didn't know. You were wasted, staring into the infinite stretches of wilderness brushed across her face, stealing momentary glances of her sweetheart.

You would never know if she was coming back to life or falling deeply & irreversibly down the black hole of her little insecurities. You would never know if you don't take a chance now to make this moment yours. You would only know if you pulled her close, held her hand, swiped her hair that keeps falling carelessly across her face and stared into her ocean deep eyes and talk about things of absolute nothingness. Let her absorb the moment and let her soul be carefree and content; let the unchained smile spread faintly across her lips and a silent whisper touch your ear like a warm breath of sincerity. All of this you would never know, if, if right at this moment you let her wait for him; you let her go.

Thursday, March 21

Day 231: 6 Reasons Why I'd Not Date You.

  1. You're a complete Bollywood movie buff. I simply cannot stand when you quote a 'filmy dialogue' from some Khan movie every time I flip my hair or when I give you a i-am-not-interested-until-you-try-harder look. Stop acting like every time we have a conversation there are dancers in matchy dresses around us and some chirpy-beats playing as the backdrop. I can't stand your long sentimental philosophies about life and relationships. Wait, what. Do I even know you sir? 
  2. You don't have a good haircut. Call me selective, but good looks or charm is secondary for me. I won't even find you attractive if you do not have hair that blows with the wind and falls carelessly over your eyes. And, did i tell you, no curls in the queue please !
  3. Your taste in music is that of a fourth grader. Dude, get over Enrique, Backstreet boys or the metal shit. I mean I'd dig you if you were a metal head when I was in first year of college. But, uh it's noise to me now. If you don't listen to Angus and Julia Stone, you're a freaking loser. Your playlist on the phone has no trance or ambient or indie. You don't know the difference between trance and house? Get out of here, before I call the cops.

Thursday, March 14

Day 224: What Scares Me, Is The Thought Of Being Alone.

You are scared.
You are alone.

Now, you're scared.

You're in a huge hall filled with millions of people, thousands of faces, hundreds of voices; some are familiar, some completely new and you're in between all of them, suffocating, rushing past everyone, looking for someone; someone you don't know. You don't even know who to call and who to ask for. It's like you're silent. You're screaming and no one can hear. You're scared, suffocated and anxious. You are almost crying and you don't know what to do. You've lost all hopes. You don't want to be alone. You stop somewhere. You feel a familiar touch right behind you. You're happy. You feel secure. It's amazing. It's warm. You want to cling on to it, like a little baby holds on to it's mother's breast. Suddenly, you don't like it anymore. You're no more comfortable. It's no more good. You want to go away, as far as possible, from that touch, from that feeling. You're running. It's following you. You run faster and faster until you're exhausted and broken. You want to shout. You wan't to cry. You've left it behind, but it has taken a part of you with it. Now that it's gone, you wish you could have it back, all of it; all the bad so that you can have all the good. You're all alone. You want someone, anyone in that case. You just don't want to be lonely. You don't want to be alone.

Saturday, March 2

Day 212: 4 Reasons Why Being In A Relationship In Your 20s Is Difficult

1. No more casual flirting, no more sleeping around

You love your boyfriend/ girlfriend but no you can't see other people or hit on the cute girl at your office or go out with your hot boss. You start dating someone thinking that they are the only people you would want to sleep with for the rest of your life, wait not sleep with but be with maybe. Your friends tell you, "Umm, hey is she the one you'd compromise for, on your sleeping around with the other hot chicks? And you are like, "Yeah bro, she is the one. She's got sparks. She is the prettiest woman that I've ever met." So, your friends look at you with pointlessly blank faces. One fine evening when you come to see your BFF after meeting your boyfriend and she tells you, "Hey, I bet you can do better. Since when have you become so mushy and romantic? There is plenty of fish in the sea. Richer and hotter." Makes you think, well at least for a while. You go to this club every Friday, where you have this extremely attractive guy and your eyes lock every time you turn your heads. You know he is into you and so are you. You love your boyfriend but for a while you wish there was someone else, someone new, someone who makes you feel special and sexy.

Monday, February 18

Day 200: A Different Approach To Cinderella.

Cinderella sadly looked out of the kitchen windows, watching the distant shimmering lights of the big party organized by the king, she took a deep breath of sigh and wondered how it would be to walk tall in her tiny glass slippers and the dress she saved from her mother; her mother's last memoir, while the prince walks up to her and takes her tiny hand in his strong and warm hands and gently kisses them. But oh, only if she had a necklace to go with it. Little had she known that her step mother and evil step sisters will hide the necklace she was planning to wear to the royal party. It's not good manners for a lady to come to a royal party without any jewelery. 

She turned around to her little animal friends and said, "I would never be able to make it to the ball. I have got no jewelery. Maybe, I should just go sleep. My sisters are definitely going to soil their dresses tonight with food & drinks. I will have to clean them all day tomorrow.."

Sunday, February 17

Day 199: How Strange It Is To Be Something.

How strange it is to be something, to be anything at all. How obviously incredible it is to have twenty-three odd pair of chromosomes, to be composed out of organic matter; some Hs and Os and Cs, to be a perfectly or not so perfectly arranged sequence of atoms & a series of coiled DNAs and amino acids which in turn decide it's shape. A beautifully arranged structure of nephrons and neurons both giving and absorbing. We all are more or less in a state of symbiosis with ourselves. A hundred receptors carrying signals to the brain, helping it to identify the pain, causing reactions which carry back the reasonable decisions made by it: to walk away, to eat a bar of chocolate or to bleed. So complex, yet so simple that we can be defined as something; a rebel, emo, beautiful, sad, hopeless, unique, quiet or even shy. Isn't it absolutely ridiculous that we, the most supreme of all species, can be defined, can be named and even identified. But, we can't communicate. We aren't allowed to express. We are made to follow the herd. It's a never ending journey of being a part of something. How strange it is to be a part of anything, when millions of light years away is something that is a part of us. How strange it is to be something, to be anything at all.

Saturday, February 16

Day 198: Confessions #2 Something like love

Love is concentrated expression, often distorted, I told him. He listened vigilantly. He knew what I meant. The finest part about him was that he understood me. He understood me without even my explanation. How? I wondered. Maybe I was easy to comprehend and he was good at comprehending me. Maybe .
With our endless conversations through all possible means of communication, brought us close. It baffled me, How could anybody love someone so much in such a short period of time? Well time duration didn't matter much to him. He loved me and that was all there to it. I refused . I rejected the relationship. I rejected him. It did hurt him. A lot. I could tell. But he knew how to veil his emotions all too well .

It went on quite some time. Every time I said A big flat no to him, it oddly hurt me . Odd because I was the one who refused. How would it matter to me ? But it did. Why ? I wondered. Maybe because I liked him. Maybe. I disliked the whole design of a relationship. Irony. Unfortunately at that point of time, my outlook on relationship was stronger than the liking I had towards him .

He would a put up a smile just for me and pretend as though everything was normal. How could he conceal so flawlessly ? I wondered. Maybe because he knew it bothered me . And he could not bear the thought of it . Maybe.

Friday, February 15

Day 197: Valentine's Day Is So Mainstream.

Dear you,

You know very well by now that I am absolutely crazy. If I could, I would buy the whole cards section at the gift store and send it to you. That might seem a lil too stalker-ish and insane to your wing mates, esp to your beloved ex roomie cum bestie cum.. I just noticed I'm talking too much cum. Well, you are adorable and caring and the best boyfriend ever. Also, you are mean and selfish and a lot moody at times. It's sometimes cute when you get jealous. Sometimes I absolutely hate it. I know you dislike water, for me it's just the opposite. It's easier said than done. You're like a grumpy five year old kid whose lollipop has been snatched away. I can totally imagine your face right now.

So, dealing with you a tough job you see. Especially cause you make my days better and brighter and easier. I love you so much to let you know in a day but I'll tolerate you forever. Yesterday was just like every other day when I can hold your hands, hug you tight and tell you how much you mean to me like I do everyday.


Tuesday, February 12

Day 194: Confessions #1 The Ugly One

If you guys have subscribed to my page's notifications, I had mentioned something about confessions which was something like this: "We all have a secret, which we will never say. You guys confide to me all your deepest secrets & issues concerning love & life. The next post on the blog will be a post on confessions. If you have a secret which you want to just let go of, mail it to me on I'll post all of them anonymously. If that makes you happier." 

"Hey there! I'm actually a girl and would hate to disclose my name, and yeah we all think about you Miss Vidya. So, have you ever come across a story about two girls, one of which is ugly and other one beautiful, being best friends ? This is a real one. 

Saturday, February 2

Day 184: What Would I Do Without You

There is so much to our busy lives that we forget to enjoy the basic essence of it. Being an extremely disorganized person, I realize this a couple of times, especially the times when I lose something important and close to me. Contrary to the fact that people confide a lot of their secrets & little issues of their fucked up lives to me, it's absolutely very difficult for me to deal with mine. I get confused and messed up and cranky. Sarcastic, I know right. 

Here is to taking out fifteen minutes out of the twenty four hours to thank a quintessential part of my life. I have absolutely no clue what I'd do without you S. You handle me at my worst and pull me through the lowest of times. I'd be so lost without you. You never give up on me, even when I do. You are perfect half to my semi complete life. 

thank you.
i will follow you into the dark.

Monday, January 28

Day 180: In The Parallel Universe

Sometimes I feel that I'm not good enough.

I'm not living my life to the fullest. I know, there might be so many people reading this who already love me for what I am, for what I do. I've to juggle my life between writing for myself and for you, updating my pages, clicking pictures, posting a hundred of them, reading one more book, office, making my scrap book, learning something new, doodle, watch my favorite T.V. series, find time for friends and the list goes on.

There is so much more I want to do. I wish the day had more than 24 hours for me. I could start the video blog I've been wanting to for so long, go to two more companies for work; one as a journalist & another running an ad agency maybe or a lawyer, save some money and travel the world with him, buy a house and make it a home, give him hand made gifts and listen to fifty new tracks every single day.

This feeling makes my sub-conscious mind feel incomplete. Wishes and desires stimulate brain and the brain governs us. The essence of everything beautiful fades away and is taken over by remorse. Then feeling of 'not being good enough' drives me to go ahead. It's okay, love.

In the parallel universe, I'm ugly and happy.

Wednesday, January 23

Day 175: Diary: 23 Is Equal To One.

23rd January, 2013

Dear Diary,

Today is not just another 23rd, not just another month adding to our obsolete lives. It's the day, I don't know if I'd ever grow up to believe in the institution of marriage to call it 'the day', but yeah for now this is the one.

We completed a year together. I always thought I'd go all the way for a man who puts up with me for a year  or vice-versa. Funny as it may sound, none of my past relationships-slash-crushes-slash-ego issues-slash-idontevenknowhatthefuckwasthat never lasted for a whole twelve months. Sometimes, I made wrong choices, sometimes the man was not good enough for me and sometimes I fucked it all up. Then someone comes and you realize why it didn't work out with anyone else.

Thursday, January 17

Day 169: 10 Hindi Songs I Loved In High School

Here is a list of ten hindi songs I used to listen to a lot, back in high school. Here's to hoping you'd like the list too. Please wait for the videos to load.

Enjoy the playlist.

Thursday, January 10

Day 162: Texts I'd Like to Receive From My Ex: Part I

The Random Texts After 2 am

He: "Are you happy?"

Me: "Is this a time to ask? Why do you care, anyway?"

He: "I thought you loved me. You obviously love yourself more."

Me: "I thought we were done. After I realized that you are an ignorant, egoistic, self-centered and selfish man whose world revolves around himself. "

*a gap of eleven minutes*

He: "You are such a bitch."

Me: "Oh, you have no idea."

Thursday, January 3

Day 155: One day.

One day,
When I wake up at 3 am,
Unable to sleep,
I will look next to me,
and you will be there.
Sleeping peacefully beside me,
and suddenly,
the world won’t seem so lonely,

Wednesday, January 2

Day 154: Slutwalk India.

If I am raped tomorrow, Leave me on my own, Please don't forward messages for my sake, I am not worthy of your status' ache.

Don't give me your pity, Don't pray for my soul, You are the same people who did not care when I lay there in a hole.

Your E-protests are not getting me justice, Nor my sisters any protection, The government is going to sensitize the issue, just to win the coming election.

First they objectified me, Now the turn is yours, How dare I step outside, I am just meant for the household chores.

Don't console my father Don't try to cheer up my Mom, It's something you can forget tomorrow, but for them I'm forever gone.

I am dead now, Humanity died with me For I am a girl, I deserve every bit of this,I'm not to be seen equally.

This society is esoteric A 'fatal lie', a 'deadly truth' it propagates such evil, and is the one to protest that it is ruth.

It cries for me and still mocks my death for a few days later you'll all forget, hundreds like me will come and go, For we are all going to reap what we once did plow.

Years ago the seed was sown, 'She is a woman, she has to be tamed and made to moan'. Now live with it, and dance with joy, See her being meddled with, like a cheap plastic toy.

For she is a girl, she deserves every bit of this, for Her's is weak and Mightier is His!"

Every She.
Don't just join the cause. Be the cause.

If you want to be a part of this. Feel free to message me on my email given.


Tuesday, January 1

Day 153: Last Page Of Two-o-Twelve

Dear Diary,

I woke up next to him, cuddled in his arms; safe, secure and warm. Yesterday was one of the most amazing nights ever. It was probably the third time we went drinking together. I had previously thought that I would be spending the new year eve in a drunken corner of a shady bar, the air above me heavy with smoke, people dancing to bass and crazy beats as me and he sit down and watch them as one more tripping couple. Last evening was nothing of the sort. A couple of margaritas with some rum for me and scotch for him worked well. The smoking room was filled with people we never saw before. Each of them had story to tell. 

It's wonderful observing people; every face has a story, every person is a filled diary and they are looking for another, someone who can listen, somewhere they can write the next chapter. There are a few sounds I remember, a girl talking about some friend, someone pulling the chair abruptly, a waiter lighting someone's cigarette, but none of them play clearly in my head as I try to mull. 

My mind was occupied by thoughts of him as he looked into my eyes, sitting at the couch exactly opposite to me. He smiled as he looked at me. He said that I looked beautiful. For a moment, I asked myself that how I could ever give up on him. He makes me so happy, whether he knows it or not. Everything is beautiful, because he is a part of my life. He makes my living so worthwhile. December is gone and January is here, it's time to let go out everything that hurts.

I told him that I wanted to kiss him. He wanted the same. It was time to go home and celebrate. I wonder why humanity has grown so cold. If everyone wants to win in a war, there is no chance of peace isn't it? Love is all you need. I let him crash into me.

I turn around and watch him sleep, peaceful and secured. I look at him and think, he is the one. He always was. I tip-toe and snuggle into the blanket, cuddle him again to sleep. I hope you guys stay blessed and safe.