Day 154: Slutwalk India.

If I am raped tomorrow, Leave me on my own, Please don't forward messages for my sake, I am not worthy of your status' ache.

Don't give me your pity, Don't pray for my soul, You are the same people who did not care when I lay there in a hole.

Your E-protests are not getting me justice, Nor my sisters any protection, The government is going to sensitize the issue, just to win the coming election.

First they objectified me, Now the turn is yours, How dare I step outside, I am just meant for the household chores.

Don't console my father Don't try to cheer up my Mom, It's something you can forget tomorrow, but for them I'm forever gone.

I am dead now, Humanity died with me For I am a girl, I deserve every bit of this,I'm not to be seen equally.

This society is esoteric A 'fatal lie', a 'deadly truth' it propagates such evil, and is the one to protest that it is ruth.

It cries for me and still mocks my death for a few days later you'll all forget, hundreds like me will come and go, For we are all going to reap what we once did plow.

Years ago the seed was sown, 'She is a woman, she has to be tamed and made to moan'. Now live with it, and dance with joy, See her being meddled with, like a cheap plastic toy.

For she is a girl, she deserves every bit of this, for Her's is weak and Mightier is His!"

Every She.
Don't just join the cause. Be the cause.

If you want to be a part of this. Feel free to message me on my email given.



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