Day 175: Diary: 23 Is Equal To One.

23rd January, 2013

Dear Diary,

Today is not just another 23rd, not just another month adding to our obsolete lives. It's the day, I don't know if I'd ever grow up to believe in the institution of marriage to call it 'the day', but yeah for now this is the one.

We completed a year together. I always thought I'd go all the way for a man who puts up with me for a year  or vice-versa. Funny as it may sound, none of my past relationships-slash-crushes-slash-ego issues-slash-idontevenknowhatthefuckwasthat never lasted for a whole twelve months. Sometimes, I made wrong choices, sometimes the man was not good enough for me and sometimes I fucked it all up. Then someone comes and you realize why it didn't work out with anyone else.

One day, while you're on your cozy sofa, sipping coffee, deeply engrossed in a romantic comedy and one person comes to your mind. You feel the sudden urge to call him. You rush to get your cell phone and find it already blinking under your pillow. It's him. You take the call and you want to tell him you were thinking of him. That you wanted to call him. But all you say is, "I love you. I really do." 

"I love you too." You take a deep breath. This is it. This is the one. You want to do everything to make it last. You know they want you too. I'm glad I made him ask me out, haha. Precisely, on 7th Jan last year he said that if I was there around him, he'd ask me out. We lived on words, the texts that we exchanged whole day long, until I had to hear it from him. He confessed his love for me on this day. I wanted him. I just wanted to live with him, live for the moment. Until, that moment became a year. 

Thank you Syddharth, for the best 12 months of my life.
I have no idea what I'd do without you. I love you beyond death.

Happy one year anniversary.


  1. Lucky you :)
    Stay happy! Bdw u n ur bf luk osum together di <3
    N he z adorable :D


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