Monday, February 18

Day 200: A Different Approach To Cinderella.

Cinderella sadly looked out of the kitchen windows, watching the distant shimmering lights of the big party organized by the king, she took a deep breath of sigh and wondered how it would be to walk tall in her tiny glass slippers and the dress she saved from her mother; her mother's last memoir, while the prince walks up to her and takes her tiny hand in his strong and warm hands and gently kisses them. But oh, only if she had a necklace to go with it. Little had she known that her step mother and evil step sisters will hide the necklace she was planning to wear to the royal party. It's not good manners for a lady to come to a royal party without any jewelery. 

She turned around to her little animal friends and said, "I would never be able to make it to the ball. I have got no jewelery. Maybe, I should just go sleep. My sisters are definitely going to soil their dresses tonight with food & drinks. I will have to clean them all day tomorrow.."

Sunday, February 17

Day 199: How Strange It Is To Be Something.

How strange it is to be something, to be anything at all. How obviously incredible it is to have twenty-three odd pair of chromosomes, to be composed out of organic matter; some Hs and Os and Cs, to be a perfectly or not so perfectly arranged sequence of atoms & a series of coiled DNAs and amino acids which in turn decide it's shape. A beautifully arranged structure of nephrons and neurons both giving and absorbing. We all are more or less in a state of symbiosis with ourselves. A hundred receptors carrying signals to the brain, helping it to identify the pain, causing reactions which carry back the reasonable decisions made by it: to walk away, to eat a bar of chocolate or to bleed. So complex, yet so simple that we can be defined as something; a rebel, emo, beautiful, sad, hopeless, unique, quiet or even shy. Isn't it absolutely ridiculous that we, the most supreme of all species, can be defined, can be named and even identified. But, we can't communicate. We aren't allowed to express. We are made to follow the herd. It's a never ending journey of being a part of something. How strange it is to be a part of anything, when millions of light years away is something that is a part of us. How strange it is to be something, to be anything at all.

Saturday, February 16

Day 198: Confessions #2 Something like love

Love is concentrated expression, often distorted, I told him. He listened vigilantly. He knew what I meant. The finest part about him was that he understood me. He understood me without even my explanation. How? I wondered. Maybe I was easy to comprehend and he was good at comprehending me. Maybe .
With our endless conversations through all possible means of communication, brought us close. It baffled me, How could anybody love someone so much in such a short period of time? Well time duration didn't matter much to him. He loved me and that was all there to it. I refused . I rejected the relationship. I rejected him. It did hurt him. A lot. I could tell. But he knew how to veil his emotions all too well .

It went on quite some time. Every time I said A big flat no to him, it oddly hurt me . Odd because I was the one who refused. How would it matter to me ? But it did. Why ? I wondered. Maybe because I liked him. Maybe. I disliked the whole design of a relationship. Irony. Unfortunately at that point of time, my outlook on relationship was stronger than the liking I had towards him .

He would a put up a smile just for me and pretend as though everything was normal. How could he conceal so flawlessly ? I wondered. Maybe because he knew it bothered me . And he could not bear the thought of it . Maybe.

Friday, February 15

Day 197: Valentine's Day Is So Mainstream.

Dear you,

You know very well by now that I am absolutely crazy. If I could, I would buy the whole cards section at the gift store and send it to you. That might seem a lil too stalker-ish and insane to your wing mates, esp to your beloved ex roomie cum bestie cum.. I just noticed I'm talking too much cum. Well, you are adorable and caring and the best boyfriend ever. Also, you are mean and selfish and a lot moody at times. It's sometimes cute when you get jealous. Sometimes I absolutely hate it. I know you dislike water, for me it's just the opposite. It's easier said than done. You're like a grumpy five year old kid whose lollipop has been snatched away. I can totally imagine your face right now.

So, dealing with you a tough job you see. Especially cause you make my days better and brighter and easier. I love you so much to let you know in a day but I'll tolerate you forever. Yesterday was just like every other day when I can hold your hands, hug you tight and tell you how much you mean to me like I do everyday.


Tuesday, February 12

Day 194: Confessions #1 The Ugly One

If you guys have subscribed to my page's notifications, I had mentioned something about confessions which was something like this: "We all have a secret, which we will never say. You guys confide to me all your deepest secrets & issues concerning love & life. The next post on the blog will be a post on confessions. If you have a secret which you want to just let go of, mail it to me on I'll post all of them anonymously. If that makes you happier." 

"Hey there! I'm actually a girl and would hate to disclose my name, and yeah we all think about you Miss Vidya. So, have you ever come across a story about two girls, one of which is ugly and other one beautiful, being best friends ? This is a real one. 

Saturday, February 2

Day 184: What Would I Do Without You

There is so much to our busy lives that we forget to enjoy the basic essence of it. Being an extremely disorganized person, I realize this a couple of times, especially the times when I lose something important and close to me. Contrary to the fact that people confide a lot of their secrets & little issues of their fucked up lives to me, it's absolutely very difficult for me to deal with mine. I get confused and messed up and cranky. Sarcastic, I know right. 

Here is to taking out fifteen minutes out of the twenty four hours to thank a quintessential part of my life. I have absolutely no clue what I'd do without you S. You handle me at my worst and pull me through the lowest of times. I'd be so lost without you. You never give up on me, even when I do. You are perfect half to my semi complete life. 

thank you.
i will follow you into the dark.