Day 194: Confessions #1 The Ugly One

If you guys have subscribed to my page's notifications, I had mentioned something about confessions which was something like this: "We all have a secret, which we will never say. You guys confide to me all your deepest secrets & issues concerning love & life. The next post on the blog will be a post on confessions. If you have a secret which you want to just let go of, mail it to me on I'll post all of them anonymously. If that makes you happier." 

"Hey there! I'm actually a girl and would hate to disclose my name, and yeah we all think about you Miss Vidya. So, have you ever come across a story about two girls, one of which is ugly and other one beautiful, being best friends ? This is a real one. 
My deepest secret would be that I have a HUGE crush on a guy that actually likes my best friend and as usual , my best friend is booked. Honestly, I know she is the most beautiful girl in the entire school and even though no one mentions it, I'm the ugliest (those plumply dark girls who have pimples all over their face and are disapproved of everywhere they go). Why do guys choose the better looking females every time? I'm really heart broken and he actually hates me for being her best friend.
I'm really in love with those big brown eyes. He is so intelligent and amazing. He is very gentle to each and every girl except for me. I always wish upon a star, I wish he was mine, he was in love with my inner beauty. I wish he and I were together."

I wont mention what I replied back, but hey, if you're reading this. Thank you, for trusting me. Remember everything I said.
P.S. If you too have a secret to share, or if you want the world to know how you feel, mail me. I am sure we can work it out. 


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