Day 199: How Strange It Is To Be Something.

How strange it is to be something, to be anything at all. How obviously incredible it is to have twenty-three odd pair of chromosomes, to be composed out of organic matter; some Hs and Os and Cs, to be a perfectly or not so perfectly arranged sequence of atoms & a series of coiled DNAs and amino acids which in turn decide it's shape. A beautifully arranged structure of nephrons and neurons both giving and absorbing. We all are more or less in a state of symbiosis with ourselves. A hundred receptors carrying signals to the brain, helping it to identify the pain, causing reactions which carry back the reasonable decisions made by it: to walk away, to eat a bar of chocolate or to bleed. So complex, yet so simple that we can be defined as something; a rebel, emo, beautiful, sad, hopeless, unique, quiet or even shy. Isn't it absolutely ridiculous that we, the most supreme of all species, can be defined, can be named and even identified. But, we can't communicate. We aren't allowed to express. We are made to follow the herd. It's a never ending journey of being a part of something. How strange it is to be a part of anything, when millions of light years away is something that is a part of us. How strange it is to be something, to be anything at all.


  1. Deep thought. Very very deep V.
    I am not a science person and I surely don't know how you sound but I imagined you reading it...
    I like reading your diary.


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