Day 200: A Different Approach To Cinderella.

Cinderella sadly looked out of the kitchen windows, watching the distant shimmering lights of the big party organized by the king, she took a deep breath of sigh and wondered how it would be to walk tall in her tiny glass slippers and the dress she saved from her mother; her mother's last memoir, while the prince walks up to her and takes her tiny hand in his strong and warm hands and gently kisses them. But oh, only if she had a necklace to go with it. Little had she known that her step mother and evil step sisters will hide the necklace she was planning to wear to the royal party. It's not good manners for a lady to come to a royal party without any jewelery. 

She turned around to her little animal friends and said, "I would never be able to make it to the ball. I have got no jewelery. Maybe, I should just go sleep. My sisters are definitely going to soil their dresses tonight with food & drinks. I will have to clean them all day tomorrow.."
Cinderella closed her eyes and took her first step to dreamland. Atleast, here no body would disturb her and her prince charming. She woke up shocked as he heard some noises from the cupboard where they keep the utensils. She walked slowly towards it, taking small steps, making cat foot and started reaching out to the bolt. The cupboard opened with a bang and Cinderella fell backwards with a few utensils around her. She opened her eyes with fright to see a shiny little fairy hovering over her head. 

"Hi, my little girl. I'm the nineteen fairy Godmother. Why are you so upset my dear? Is there any way, how I can help you." , said the fairy Godmother.

"I wanted to go to the ball. I don't have a piece of jewelery to wear. I won't be able to make it to the royal party.", exclaimed Cinderella.


There was light and sparkles when fairy Godmother turned her magic wand around. There she was holding the loveliest piece of jewelery ever, The Red Heart Necklace. It shone in Cinderella's eyes and they became bigger, brighter and happier. Outside the door steps appeared a magical carriage.

"Wear it to the ball my girl. Hurry, it's magical and it only lasts till midnight. It's made of the cupid's stone. Whoever touches the magical necklace shall fall in love with you."

Cinderella looked at the clock and it was already 10 past 11:30. She wore her dress and the glass slippers and finally put on the necklace. It looked gorgeous on her. She stepped on to the carriage and it hushed past the forests. She reached the palace and ran up the stairs. It's was two minutes to twelve. She had to find the prince. Everyone in the ball was amazed to she her beauty and of the necklace she was wearing. Her step mother and sisters were furious with jealousy. There was her prince charming walking towards her. He held her hand and kissed it.

"Such a beautiful necklace.", he exclaimed while he touched it.

He fell in love with her her. He realized that she was his true love. She was the one he was waiting for. They kissed. Thus, they lived happily ever after.


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