Monday, March 25

Day 235: Go Be A Part Of Her Story

You were overburdened with the baggage of your your own loneliness while you left that night waiting for the last bus that takes you home. Laying down restless at your new house, bored with the very sight of the half empty bed beside you, your pillows crushed with the weight of your miseries and your sheets unruffled with signs of no sex and your clothes that hang on the fence, left aside as if unworthy of any female fragrance.  Lust oozed out from your skin like sweat and love remained scarce as an endless famine.

You pull out a chair at the neighborhood bar, whiskey in one hand and cigarettes in the other. Ah, the cliche: the boy next door look; your blue jeans and white shirt. There she was, sitting perfectly curled up around the corner, sipping her friendly wine, with the same emptiness you left behind. You were instantly drawn to her reluctance and withdrawal  while she was there waiting for someone who didn't know. You were wasted, staring into the infinite stretches of wilderness brushed across her face, stealing momentary glances of her sweetheart.

You would never know if she was coming back to life or falling deeply & irreversibly down the black hole of her little insecurities. You would never know if you don't take a chance now to make this moment yours. You would only know if you pulled her close, held her hand, swiped her hair that keeps falling carelessly across her face and stared into her ocean deep eyes and talk about things of absolute nothingness. Let her absorb the moment and let her soul be carefree and content; let the unchained smile spread faintly across her lips and a silent whisper touch your ear like a warm breath of sincerity. All of this you would never know, if, if right at this moment you let her wait for him; you let her go.

Thursday, March 21

Day 231: 6 Reasons Why I'd Not Date You.

  1. You're a complete Bollywood movie buff. I simply cannot stand when you quote a 'filmy dialogue' from some Khan movie every time I flip my hair or when I give you a i-am-not-interested-until-you-try-harder look. Stop acting like every time we have a conversation there are dancers in matchy dresses around us and some chirpy-beats playing as the backdrop. I can't stand your long sentimental philosophies about life and relationships. Wait, what. Do I even know you sir? 
  2. You don't have a good haircut. Call me selective, but good looks or charm is secondary for me. I won't even find you attractive if you do not have hair that blows with the wind and falls carelessly over your eyes. And, did i tell you, no curls in the queue please !
  3. Your taste in music is that of a fourth grader. Dude, get over Enrique, Backstreet boys or the metal shit. I mean I'd dig you if you were a metal head when I was in first year of college. But, uh it's noise to me now. If you don't listen to Angus and Julia Stone, you're a freaking loser. Your playlist on the phone has no trance or ambient or indie. You don't know the difference between trance and house? Get out of here, before I call the cops.

Thursday, March 14

Day 224: What Scares Me, Is The Thought Of Being Alone.

You are scared.
You are alone.

Now, you're scared.

You're in a huge hall filled with millions of people, thousands of faces, hundreds of voices; some are familiar, some completely new and you're in between all of them, suffocating, rushing past everyone, looking for someone; someone you don't know. You don't even know who to call and who to ask for. It's like you're silent. You're screaming and no one can hear. You're scared, suffocated and anxious. You are almost crying and you don't know what to do. You've lost all hopes. You don't want to be alone. You stop somewhere. You feel a familiar touch right behind you. You're happy. You feel secure. It's amazing. It's warm. You want to cling on to it, like a little baby holds on to it's mother's breast. Suddenly, you don't like it anymore. You're no more comfortable. It's no more good. You want to go away, as far as possible, from that touch, from that feeling. You're running. It's following you. You run faster and faster until you're exhausted and broken. You want to shout. You wan't to cry. You've left it behind, but it has taken a part of you with it. Now that it's gone, you wish you could have it back, all of it; all the bad so that you can have all the good. You're all alone. You want someone, anyone in that case. You just don't want to be lonely. You don't want to be alone.

Saturday, March 2

Day 212: 4 Reasons Why Being In A Relationship In Your 20s Is Difficult

1. No more casual flirting, no more sleeping around

You love your boyfriend/ girlfriend but no you can't see other people or hit on the cute girl at your office or go out with your hot boss. You start dating someone thinking that they are the only people you would want to sleep with for the rest of your life, wait not sleep with but be with maybe. Your friends tell you, "Umm, hey is she the one you'd compromise for, on your sleeping around with the other hot chicks? And you are like, "Yeah bro, she is the one. She's got sparks. She is the prettiest woman that I've ever met." So, your friends look at you with pointlessly blank faces. One fine evening when you come to see your BFF after meeting your boyfriend and she tells you, "Hey, I bet you can do better. Since when have you become so mushy and romantic? There is plenty of fish in the sea. Richer and hotter." Makes you think, well at least for a while. You go to this club every Friday, where you have this extremely attractive guy and your eyes lock every time you turn your heads. You know he is into you and so are you. You love your boyfriend but for a while you wish there was someone else, someone new, someone who makes you feel special and sexy.