Wednesday, April 3

Day 244: Honey, We've Still Got Unfinished Business With Life

I hate to give away the ending but the secret to life is balance. The mind can only be seduced using silence. Those open scars and those unfinished memories haunt us in dark corners of our mind where our consciousness fails to reach. We all find comfort in the warm embrace of insanity. The separation between dreams and reality is a compromise between perfection and imperfection. And, I find myself running into the arms of imperfection time and time again.

Always, select your thoughts like you select your clothes. The amount of negativity and envy you portray is quite simply a projection of your own unhappiness. Life is all about letting go and holding on. The way our mind cultivates and intensifies our feelings in between these two phases, is an art. Art that has described feelings that cannot be justified by words. There is an endless list of possibilities if there was ever a book written about the art of living.

Monday, April 1

Day 242: My Lyrics Have No Music.

there is something strange,
something about the way
your fingers
touch my skin
your scent;
the one that draws
me close
to you
an open space
when I finally catch up
with your speeding steps
I don't know what I'm here for
cause it feels
more than words could describe