Day 242: My Lyrics Have No Music.

there is something strange,
something about the way
your fingers
touch my skin
your scent;
the one that draws
me close
to you
an open space
when I finally catch up
with your speeding steps
I don't know what I'm here for
cause it feels
more than words could describe
the yearning for the touch
of your soft spoken
i kissed a stranger
and it kept feeling
so right
and then i ran away
looking for you
hoping you'd
be looking out for me
i needed
to find a new
shining light
every time you draw your swords
you draw me closer
wanting to melt away
like butter that smells
in pan cake stores
we've got more
than sparks,
that a box of matches would hold
cause they saw so less of
what you and I spoke
burn the bridges
be a beautiful mess

I've been so much into chill and indie these days. I write lyrics and then throw them away in search of music. 
Someday I'd make music. Just someday.


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