Day 309: Why Hello Gorgeous, Won't You tell Him Your Name?

Why hello there gorgeous! I hope you feel beautiful today. I hope when you woke up and looked into the mirror first, you saw a better you. I hope today is better than yesterday. I hope the sunshine isn't too harsh or the thoughts of him aren't clouding your day. I hope you don't listen to Katy Perry's 'Thinking of You' and sulk beneath your pillow. I hope you don't run away from people because you pretend that you hate them or because things aren't unanswered. I hope you are treating yourself better. I hope you know that you deserve nothing less than being happy and that your favourite fairytale is still true. I hope you don't sheath that pain underneath your fake smile cause there is nothing wrong in being true. I hope you smile back at the guy who smiles at you at the subway everyday; hoping, someday you'd smile back too. I hope you aren't afraid, afraid of failing in love any more. I hope you know that monsters that you need to fight are within you. I hope you know that life will never fail you, it will always show up exactly as you see it. I know, I know it's easier said than done. You see, maybe I'd never get over my last love too. I hope you know that there is someone out there who feels exactly the same as you do. That girl is me, that girl is you.


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  2. I have missed your blogs so much.
    Thanks for this. :)

  3. Weed,
    You connect so well!
    iloveyou <3

  4. You're wonderful and you exactly say the words girls long to hear. We all connect to each other in some ways we never know. And I hope that you too, is at peace with life. ☺

  5. You fathom other people's feeling so well! I love your blog!


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