Day 345: 13 Things To Know About Break-ups.

  • Do not go cribbing about your relationship issues to every third person you meet. Nobody has time for that. You might gain sympathy but there is a high possibility you are vulnerable to be ridiculed or be a topic of discussion.

  • Do NOT listen to sad songs or break up songs no matter what they write in relationship forums. It would just make you feel miserable. Tested.

  • Do not trash your ex all over social networking sites, after all it was your choice to go out with them.

  • Do not try hating someone just to move on. I used to think that hating someone is the easiest way of forgetting them. Remember hating makes you think of them even more and aren't those negative signs of being at peace with yourself?

  • Learn to differentiate between a rebound and having feelings for someone. You don't want to mess up with someone's feelings just because you are unsure of your own. "Love when you're ready, not when you're lonely."

  • A short term affair and a rebound are two different things, you are what you make of it.

  • Don't make them the centre of your world. Remember, the most important person you will ever meet, is you. Of course they mattered and still do, but it will all be better I promise.

  • Do respect yourself, admire yourself when you are feeling low. Listen to happy songs or watch Disney movies, they would never let you down. 

  • Go out. Since how long have you been a closet rat? Go out, do something you like, buy yourself some ice-cream or a drink, you might end up meeting great people or at least spend quality time with yourself.

  • Don't go looking for love or advice online, ever. It's not going to end until you want it to. Don't Google, "When will it stop hurting?" It would just make you feel worse.

  • Don't date someone to make your ex jealous. We know, you want to bring them down. But, dude this is about someone's feelings not your show-down.

  • Don't cut off your ex's friends. It's okay to be in touch with them. Don't be such a mess.

  • Tell yourself that you’re okay. Eventually start to believe it.


  1. Broke up with this douche permanently today after this messed up on and off thing.
    I feel so free now.
    Was hanging out with his friends today and it was pretty fun. :)

    1. I hope you feel amazing, as you are. :)

    2. I do! Thank you.
      You're amazing by the way! :)
      I started blogging because of you. :)
      You really inspire me!

    3. Thank you for those kind words. :)
      Am really glad I do.

      Much love.

  2. It's a great read!
    Might come handy ,but certainly you seem to have handled the scenario before.

    1. Of course, I have.
      "It's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all."

      Thank you.

  3. I'm in love and I wish it never gets lost !
    your thoughts are wonderful tough :)
    And you put them into words even more wonderfully.

    1. I hope the same for you. :)

      Thank you so much love. xx

  4. google "when it will stop hurting"
    amazing thoughts btw :)

  5. every time i am messed up with things. i just simply open your blog and start reading i don't know what peace and satisfaction your words provide me but eventually i feel better every time. :) stay blessed. you are incredible writer.

    1. Thank you for those words. You must know that every time I'm down, or low and I read a message like this, I realize I make a difference to someone's life and I don't seem to be unhappy anymore.

      Stay amazing. Stay blessed.
      Much love.

  6. you are an amazing writer. your words inspire me.
    much love. <3

    1. thanks sweet stranger.
      much love to you. <3

  7. You are an angel , your blogs always help me in some or other way.
    You are the next google ^_^
    You are book n i love reading every page of yours.
    love <3

  8. that's very kind of you. <3

  9. Randomly came up to your blog and wow, i needed this particular one right now so very badly. I'm not sure if this is going to help me in any better way because I'm just scared, scared that I won't be able to forget this relation. Scared love won't happen twice. I'm not even sure if I'm goinf to follow what you've written above but I'm going to atleast follow a few things and the one's i can. Thanks though, love.

    1. It will all get better. Trust me. Love to you.

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