Saturday, August 17

Day 378: Here's A Cup Of Care

I think it's safe to say that many people fear change and honesty even more than death. They want to live in the aura of parallelism, of secluded minds and rational humor. They lack the basic caliber of a human being, the inherent fundamental characteristic of the brain- Imagination. Their mind is a collection of worn-out tapes of chapters of English Literature and Sociology, where every word is an imprint of lectures taken by an old school teacher.

In a politically prude society like this your diction and your clothes determine your character. The freedom to choose your words now depend of somebody's bookish cognizance. You are born a misfit, if you feel chained when asked to try to fit in. You will be rated if you walk away from what is making it difficult for you to be any less than happy. You are always something or something else. When life tries to play truth or dare with me, I choose dare. Truth is unreal. Sanity is nothing to brag about, try fantasy for a change. My mind was just a million miles away. Wish I could have left it there.

Wednesday, August 14

Day 375: I'm in love with the cliché

I'm in love with the cliché. 

Woke up this morning, hungover to the whiskey I bathed in last night, dipped in the scent of musk which he wore to my bed after midnight. It was pretty incredibly strange how he had gotten a grip on my thoughts cause he's been running in my mind the whole day. The way white shirt fits on his perfectly cut body and the worn out blue jeans running down a pair of well built legs, every thing about him turned me on. The very sight of his drunk eyes made my soul melt. I took deep breaths every time flashbacks of us together stopped me from paying attention to what anyone around me was saying. He made me feel like I've been sipping jack and coke all day long, even when he wasn't around. I've been so drunk off his love since we last met, so high all the while hoping I'd get to see him again. I know I've left my scent lingering on his shirt & thoughts of me on his mind as well.