Sunday, October 20

Day 441: Forgetting & Remembering.

Slowly and steadily,
am losing
my yearning and passion
that once filled
the very atomic
form of me
the sunshine so delirious,
the world
so terribly beautiful
but sometimes
my vision
gets blurred
and my bones

Tuesday, October 8

Day 429: Could You Fall in Love With A Someone You Don't Know?

Can you fall in an unconditional love affair with someone you've never ever met?

You don't find your purpose in life. You choose it. You find someone passing you by every day, every minute, almost every moment of the day. You never stop; you never contemplate about their existence. There is always a search for something, something to fill up your voids; something that defines completeness. Then one moment you cross paths with someone. It takes a while to hit you. You stop living in your made up reality. You turn around looking for someone; you don't know who yet. This is where dreams & reality meet. The visions faded, however, start getting clearer. A sense at a time always keeps stimulations us to the other one. How do you find them when they aren't aware of our existence yet?