Day 441: Forgetting & Remembering.

Slowly and steadily,
am losing
my yearning and passion
that once filled
the very atomic
form of me
the sunshine so delirious,
the world
so terribly beautiful
but sometimes
my vision
gets blurred
and my bones
get too tired
to notice it.
I hate
the memories
as the pain keeps
coming back
and I
break my promises
I make for the day
it's a constant battle
forgetting and remembering.


  1. Beautifully written V, I can relate to it so well although I wish I didn't. My break up, a death in the family and recent unfulfilled promises make me feel like a ship wreck. Like someone trying to pick up the pieces and trying to fix them together but they wouldn't ever be as perfect as they were. My first major fall. The person I truly loved now a stranger. But I'm glad it happened.

    I'm glad I'm crawling on an incline. I can't fix what's shattered into pieces and even if I did manage to it would never match up to how it was. How it is going to be is the idea that I carry in my head all day everyday. From all that I miss I already have a picture of what's going to replace it (and her) and how better it will be than it was. The thoughts eventually did slow down and I'm not fixating on anything anymore. I'm initiating things, taking a few steps everyday in the knowledge that destiny has a lot in store if only I would stop pushing it away.

    I do break the promises and sometimes I do dwell on what's gone by. I correct my thoughts and actions immediately, it was important and it was my world. But it was. I am my world now. The most important relationship in this universe is what you share with yourself. I've learnt it the hard way but I'm glad I know this now.

    1. Sometimes good things fall apart, not because better things can fall in place, but because they had to. People step into our lives; people walk out. The meaning and true essence of life is beyond the viscous circle of falling in and out of love.

      We all learn the hard way out but in the end it's all worth it. I'm glad you could connect. I can truly connect with you. Thanks for stopping by and writing a wonderful message. :)

  2. The atomic form you speak of
    knows no such boundaries
    the world that's glorious to you
    is but a mirage
    the memories that torment you
    are only held onto by you
    and the promises you keep on making
    are only whispered stories you'd like to believe in
    and yes perhaps there will be a day
    when the pain won't be a misfit
    when no desire remains
    and you cease to exist.

    1. the beauty of living
      isn't in the desire
      but the very existence
      of memories and stories
      that push you beyond
      your boundaries
      of thoughtlessness
      and someday the same feelings
      will intensify
      and make you crash
      into what you thought
      will cease to exist.


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