Tuesday, October 8

Day 429: Could You Fall in Love With A Someone You Don't Know?

Can you fall in an unconditional love affair with someone you've never ever met?

You don't find your purpose in life. You choose it. You find someone passing you by every day, every minute, almost every moment of the day. You never stop; you never contemplate about their existence. There is always a search for something, something to fill up your voids; something that defines completeness. Then one moment you cross paths with someone. It takes a while to hit you. You stop living in your made up reality. You turn around looking for someone; you don't know who yet. This is where dreams & reality meet. The visions faded, however, start getting clearer. A sense at a time always keeps stimulations us to the other one. How do you find them when they aren't aware of our existence yet?

The world wide web is a galaxy on it's own. There is darkness and then there is awareness. There is a setting rejection where there is a rising attraction. Is it possible to fall in love with the letters and punctuations; the little fragments and phrases from the chapters of someone's life? Is it possible to fall in love with stills and polaroids from a lifetime of stories and full length movies? The resentments however become stronger, the wait surpasses days and weeks; your love shifts from one stardust to another. 

But, could a love last forever?


  1. I think we fall in love with people we don't know because there would always be something about them that you know, you need.. a sensation maybe? Or something else. It's funny when you think about it though.
    Anyway, V, I launched my blog yesterday and I wanted you to have a look at it since it was you who inspired me to wrie my heart out. Could you go through it ? I'd be delighted. :) ♥
    See you! :D
    Love. ♥

    1. There is a weird magnetism in things you don't have isn't it?

      Ah, sure. Going through right away! ♥

  2. You fall in love with the idea of them. Every time you notice something good about other people even the small details, you unknowingly draw up a picture of who that 'next' special person should be. It's like this check list with all of that stuff put in. Sooner or later you find someone who resonates to your idea of perfect walking into your life sometimes a little better than you imagined. It all makes sense suddenly. It happens so fast that you really need to reflect back and think of what you wanted and you're shocked that you possess it now and you didn't even realize. I'm already in love with the idea of the next woman who's going to walk into my life. I might sound corny and a hopeless romantic but that's my curse. I am one. :)

    1. Yea, very beautifully said. I fall in love with the idea of people, all the time!! :)

  3. Hey Vidya,
    I couldn't stop but comment upon because I can so much relate it to myself. In fact four years ago, I fell in love with a person I never met before. Call it serendipity, he came to pursue his graduation in my state and that was when I could meet him. Prior to that, we talked on phone and we were indeed in love.Indeed, that was such a tender age to call it 'love' but we knew, there's no one else for both of us, but we both for each other always. Now when I look back, I feel this was destined to be. We are together, yes deeply in love and looking forward to spending our lives together in a few years :)
    BTW, I love your writings. Would love, if you visit my webpage once and read my musings(blog section) :)

    Cheers. Keep writing <3

    1. Wow. That's wonderful.
      I do believe in Serendipity! <3

      Cheers! I would love to go through your blog. :)
      Thank you.

    2. :)
      Sure. Would love your feedback :)
      Love <3