Saturday, November 9

Day 461: Conversations With A Stranger

Stranger: Why do people not write to each other any more? Do they not have many things to say to each other? Are brief and frequent 140 characters or less enough? I don't know. I don't think so. Even if I don't have something specific to say, why should I not write to you at length? So handwritten letters have disappeared, and I miss them. Have emails disappeared too? Tell me it isn't so. Tell me people write, V, because I seem to be surrounded by instant messages. And I like my messages long and infrequent. I like to have expectations from paragraphs and then be let down, only to be taken somewhere else entirely. I want to return to knowing what it feels like to put someone else inside your head and have them whisper a story to your ears. I want to feel it tickle when people whisper. Don't you love that feeling? 

But then, why am I writing to you? Is this the equivalent of invading your personal space with things that may not directly concern you? Do you write to people, V? Do you write them letters and stories in ink, or do you scribe them in your head? Do you share your secrets with people? Tell me one, perhaps; and then go the rest of your life wondering if I kept your secret, or if there is now someone completely separate from anything to do with you who now knows your deepest, darkest secrets. Come to think of it, isn't that stranger me? What's your secret, V?