Hello, lover.

She's not afraid to love you; she's afraid you'll love her back. I know of this girl who has hair spun from words of the musicians and dust from the stars. He is a cold broken bulb of love-lessness; but somewhere the light still burns. Her mind like a library; leads you to worlds you can't enter. Her heart a classic Shakespearean tragedy, ends in death only when you've started liking it. How poignantly addicted was she, to the writers and their crimes, their incessantly romantic lies and all the brutally beautiful things that break your heart eventually. In her vivaciously vivid day-dreams she touches you in ways more than one; the kind of touch that breaks your voids of silence, crumbles the monotonous adjustment of peace into letters distant lovers write to each other.
She wants to inhabit the moments of reality in your life that someday would turn into a fond memory. She wants to live between your cells and love you like a ghost that haunts every bit of sadness around you. She will give and give until there is no more left and make a home in the tiny reflectors of your brain. Her words will rain over you and bring you sweet smell of lilies in a spring afternoon. 

And because there was too much to say, I said very little.
Let me love you.


  1. you hav literally told me the story dat i hav been trying to put in words 4 myself......love wat u jus wrote...i wish it was dat easy to put your
    feeligs into words like dat....amazing writting...<3...

    1. Thanks Simran.

      Usually, I'm just overflowing with words. I can never sync them and put them in order. I'm glad that you connect.

  2. You write so beautifully, V. :)

    I truly look up to you for inspiration in so many ways.
    Thank you so much! :)

    1. That's kind of you Sanjana.
      I'm awed.

      You beautiful soul.
      Thank YOU.

  3. I don't know but your writings just make me go awww...

    These are so sweet and they present such a new perspective of everything. Love ya.!

    1. thank you Suchi.
      Love back to you.


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