Thursday, May 8

5 Things Women Are Always Asked To Hush Up


Hi, I'm on my period. My vagina bleeds for an average of five days every month, until or unless I am carrying a baby in my womb or I'm incapable of carrying one. Why do we have to hide that we are menstruating? Why do the mothers have to tell their young girls to stay home or not go close to men or even family members or a male sibling in that case? This is how nature created us, so that we could reproduce and have carefree sex days marked on the calender. We don't need to wrap up the tampon packet in a newspaper or a black plastic bag. We're not ashamed of being how mother nature created us. You shouldn't be either. P.S. The carefree sex days part is fine; still use rubber. Respect your body enough to protect it first.


Hello men. Let us get this straight. You wear underwear (or you don't), we do too.  Stop defining us with the size. The bigger breasts, the better? A size 42 is good; no thank you. Would you want to carry two heavy mounts of flesh on your chest? Good. We neither. No, we won't be embarrassed if a known male spots us buying lingerie. "Calm your tits down,bro." We know you digg that shyt.