Say no to fairy tales.

But, before I left, I left behind traces of my scent on your shirt and a trail down the alley for you to come find me. A year has passed, the roads haven't changed, maybe you never followed me. At 18 making love felt like a big deal, so I saved it for my soul mate not knowing they are never looked for. I happened to bump into one in a grocery store while I was buying blueberry candies. He took me by the hand and swept me off the feet and I landed straight on my face. And wasn't it beautiful to see the red on your shirt was a stain of my blood and not my lipstick. "My baby, I'm sorry, I would never hurt you again." You swear by me and I shook off the dry blood stains like dust on autumn leaves. Then Cinderella rode in the carriage to be with her charming prince, but it seems like, fairy tales now end before midnight. It's five years since I wore your ring and there and varied marks on my skin . Seems like yesterday,when you expected a yes, I should have said, "No."


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