Monday, December 15

Velvet In Wonderland

When I was little, I would often dream of falling. I would wake up petrified and perplexed only to find myself in the warmth of my mama’s embrace. I would toss and tumble on my bed playing my worst nightmare in the head again and again while I counted one hundred and eighty three sheep. After minutes of struggling hard to make it through, I’d finally get up from the bed, grab my favorite teddy bear and go to the study. I knew very well where the light switch was in the dark room. The table lamp has been there ever since Aunt Vivian gifted it to me on my fourth birthday. I climb the book shelf with my pudgy feet and bring down a heap of books. I place them all vigilantly on the table and go through the covers and titles one by one to find my best escape.

‘To kill a mockingbird’

I would like to believe my love for the flora and fauna has been growing ever since I adopted my first kitten at the age of three. Oh, how I loathed that title back then! How someone could possibly kill a tiny little bird, was all that crossed my mind. I tossed the book across the room. What do you expect from a child that is merely seven years old? I never tried to find out what was inside the downbeat titled book.