Not The Fault In Our Stars: Part 1

We don’t commit anymore.

The problem with our generation is that we don’t fall into categories. No, I’m not talking about tags on people. We are a kind of advanced species that doesn’t know what makes or breaks them. We’re moving backwards. We’re falling back into the cave man era. We are the people who choose to exist in between, not because we want to balance our lives, but because we don’t know what we want anymore. So, there are times we tilt to the glorious side, but we don’t like it there so we flip to the negligence. This cycle continues and we find our lives chained in a series of oscillations. The oscillations are quite frequent and unpredictable. This also makes us inconsistent.

We want to be desired by someone, but we want to keep options. We want what we don’t have and what we have is never good enough. We dream of perfection; even that gets boring after a while. So, we run after rejection. Now I can’t do that anymore. We don’t want the romance neither the dramatic fights. We are entangled in our road maps and we move fast on roads that don’t lead us anywhere. No aim in our mind, no place to call home, we ride a mile and then perhaps two. I’ve known of this girl that dreamt of loved filled nights and woke up on the right side of the wrong bed every day. No one could ever be the one. No one could ever love her enough. She wanted something more meaningful every time. When she loved, she loved too much. When she left, *no conditions applied. She had everything but something was missing again this time. No care in her chameleon soul, no sense of belonging. 
This girl is me, this girl is you.


  1. How come u r soo amazing V? Ur writings are so beautiful and they speak my heart.
    one small request..i want to inbox u but couldnt do that on fb:-( is there a way to send u a personal message? Lots of luv. <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much neha. I'm extremely glad you can relate to my thoughts. You can talk to me on my account @theetemptress or my email

      I'm more reachable on
      Loads of love <3

  2. I loved it!! I can relate it to myself! I was following this page from my previous account and whatever you write is amazing! All the best!!
    Loads of love and wishes!

    1. thanks sweets! xx

      glad you connect. much love.


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